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  1. Capillus Laser Therapy Caps Are Designed to Adapt to the User

    We’ve mentioned in previous articles, that low-level laser light therapy for hair loss is safe and effective.

    But our low-level laser light therapy caps are more than just effective—they’re designed for the comfort of the user. Let’s take a closer look at what makes our caps different—and better.

    1. They adapt to the user. Last summer we launched a redesign of our laser caps. The caps are now more flexible, and they adjust to your head shape. Patient compliance is always an important part of any treatment. We knew that if the caps were more comfortable, they would be worn as recommended.
    2. The caps look normal. The Capillus laser caps with the newer softer technology look totally normal. They are not a hard helmet. This means that you can wear the cap anywhere and anytime, and no one will notice that you’re wearing anything other than a ball cap. Our caps are inconspicuous.

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  2. Genomic Research on Hair Loss

    A new genomic study of baldness coming out the University of Edinburgh has identified 287 genetic regions related to hair loss.

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  3. Seasonality of Hair Loss and Other News

    While it doesn’t always make front page news, there is always research happening behind the scenes in the science of hair loss and hair regrowth. Here are some of the latest findin

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  4. 7 Reasons Why You May Be Losing Your Hair

    The public often doesn’t realize that hair loss (and hair growth) is a complicated affair. So, if you’re losing your hair, there may be several different reasons contributing to the problem. Below are some of the best-known triggers for hair loss.

     1.      Stress.

    It’s generally accepted that stress plays a role in hair loss. And we also know that greying hair is related to hair loss.

    We’ve all heard anecdotal stories of people who suffered a terrible fright or tragedy and their hair turned grey virtually overnight.

    As much as is possible, try to “un” stress yourself. Making meditation or exercise or positive thinking part of your daily health ritual can improve your hair growth immensely. This may be hard to believe, but it’s true.

     2.      Not Enough Calories.

    If you want to protect your hair, crash diets are not allowed. Simply not getting enough calories can wreak havoc on your hair. If you want to lose weight, do it slowly.

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  5. 5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Scalp Healthy

    Hair is formed inside hair follicles under the skin of your scalp. So, if you want healthy hair, you need to start by having healthy hair follicles. Here are some simple things you can do to improve the health of your scalp and your hair follicles.

     1.      Try To Keep Stress Levels Down.

    We know that stress can precipitate hair loss. So, try as best you can to relieve your stress. There are all kinds of ways to relieve stress. Exercise is one way. The exercise doesn’t have to be sophisticated or expensive. Going for a walk every evening can help you shed the days’ worries.

    Meditation is another way to lower stress levels. There are lots of books and YouTube (free) videos on mindfulness meditation, which is particularly easy to learn.

    Positive thinking can also relieve stress. Making an effort to drown out negative thoughts can give you peace of mind. If you find you are ruminating over negative ideas, replace those loops by repeating something positive like, “I love myself.” We’re not kidding.

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