Are There Side Effects to Laser Hair Restoration for Men?


Laser hair restoration for men: Are there side effects?

Hair loss affects men differently than women. When it strikes, hairlines recede and crowns begin to bald. The aggressive onset of male pattern baldness often leads to men grasping at quick fixes—like prescription pills that promise a full head of hair. Today, an ever-growing number of men are letting their prescriptions run out. It all began nearly 3 years ago, when a group of researchers at Johns Hopkins University made a startling discovery: The popular hair loss drug, Propecia®, seemed to cause significant sexual side effects in men. Moreover, studies indicated that men continued to suffer with side effects like erectile dysfunction long after medication had been discontinued.

…But what are the side effects?

In the wake of the Johns Hopkins study, men are increasingly questioning the potential side effects of hair loss treatments. The prescription medication, Propecia®, has fallen under particular scrutiny. Although some physicians argue that follow-up studies are needed to confirm the long-term sexual side effects of Propecia®, many men would prefer not leave their sexual health to chance. Laser hair restoration has become a leading alternative to Propecia®, offering men a safe, proven, and effective way to regain lost hair.

Are there side effects to laser hair restoration for men?

One of the biggest reasons why laser hair restoration is the leading alternative to Propecia® is relative safety. To date, no study has demonstrated any adverse side effects to hair loss treatment with low-level laser therapy (LLLT). Operating at just 650nm, the medical-grade lasers used by products like Capillus laser therapy caps deliver substantial light energy without causing any damage to the scalp. Light energy is thought to increase circulation and blood flow to the scalp, supplying hair follicles with the oxygen, nutrients, and growth factors needed to grow thicker hair.

Resources for Men Interested in Hair Restoration

Alternatives to Propecia® for Hair Loss

Since the 1990s, Propecia® has slowly become a household name for men looking to reverse the signs of male pattern baldness. In the past few years, research has shed light on the potentially devastating side effects of this popular medication. Read more about alternatives to Propecia®, and make an informed decision when it comes to improving your hair and health.

Dr. Leonard Reviews the Capillus272™ Pro Laser Cap

Curious as to just how laser therapy works? Join acclaimed hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Robert Leonard, for this video interview and exploration of LLLT for hair loss. In the video, Dr. Leonard covers all the basics about androgentic alopecia (hair loss), treatment options, and why so many men and women experience such extraordinary results after laser hair therapy with Capillus.

Are There Side Effects to Laser Hair Therapy?

Laser hair therapy has been hailed as one of the leading non-surgical hair loss treatment options by researchers, physicians, and patients. Visit this article to read more about the history of laser technology, and the introduction of lasers into the medical field. Learn why Capillus offers hair growth, without any known adverse side effects.

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CapillusUltra™ (formerly Capillus82™) is the newest laser therapy cap available to men in search of a safe, convenient, and effective hair loss treatment with no known adverse side effects. Capillus® laser technology is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, and it is backed by independently reviewed clinical trials.
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