Capillus Physician Spotlight: Dr. Robert Leonard


As a 28-year veteran to hair restoration surgery, Dr. Robert Leonard is a highly experienced physician and expert in New England. He is certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and the American Osteopathic Board of Family Practice. Currently, Dr. Leonard is Founder and Chief Surgeon of Leonard Hair Transplants and Associates in Boston, Massachusetts. After growing up in Arlington, Massachusetts, Dr. Leonard attended the University of New Hampshire to earn his Bachelor of Arts and later the University of New England for his medical degree. His interest in hair restoration surgery emerged during his time at the Chambers Hair Institute, and he’s been a pioneer in the field ever since.

Dr. Leonard holds a license in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, to name a few states. Although an in-demand surgeon, Dr. Leonard also serves as a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, among various other boards throughout the nation. While he specializes in advanced surgical hair restoration techniques, Dr. Leonard now offers laser hair restoration with the Capillus272 Pro for Boston-area patients who want to stop hair loss and promote regrowth in the comfort of home. He often recommends Capillus® to women or patients who aren’t qualified for surgery, or as an ongoing solution for patients who have undergone surgical hair restoration in the past. For more information, contact Dr. Robert Leonard to discuss your LLLT options using the information below:

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