Capillus vs. Kiierr

Capillus vs Kiierr

"Revolutionary" and "game-changing" are words often overused in marketing, but when it comes to laser caps for hair growth, the technology truly is groundbreaking. With FDA clearance certifying that these devices are safe and effective, laser caps represent a giant leap forward in the hair loss treatment industry.

The market for hair regrowth products is massive, with an estimated 12.42 million Americans using them in 2020 alone. All kinds of shampoos, vitamins, and oils make big claims about growing your hair back almost overnight.

But we at Capillus pioneered the way with at-home laser therapy starting in 2012, with our Capillus laser cap quickly setting the gold standard.

Now, several laser cap brands are available to consumers looking for an effective way to promote hair growth without drugs or surgery. 

One of the main competitors is Kiierr. In this article, we will look at how Capillus and Kiierr laser caps compare against each other.

How Low-Level Laser Therapy Works

It's worth taking a couple of minutes first to understand the science behind laser caps; knowing the basics will help you grasp how these devices can safely and effectively restore hair growth.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) uses red light to stimulate hair follicles. The laser diodes in the cap produce a red light wavelength that is absorbed by cells in the follicles. This light energy kickstarts cellular metabolism and increases blood flow, causing more nutrients to reach the follicle. These rejuvenated and nourished hair follicles are then able to shift from the telogen (resting) phase to the anagen (growing) phase.

For at-home use, laser caps like Capillus and Kiierr benefit from having medical-grade laser diodes, just like an in-office laser therapy machine. This allows the red light to penetrate deep enough into the scalp to reach the follicles. Daily use stimulates inactive follicles to reverse miniaturization, the shrinking that happens in male and female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia).

So, in short, those red laser lights deliver energy that reactivates your hair follicles, prompting new growth—the more consistent the treatment, the better the results.

Capillus and Kiierr Device Options

The first thing you'll notice about the Capillus laser hair cap is the baseball cap design. Unlike clunky helmets or robotic-looking laser hair growth devices, the casual style blends into any situation. You could wear your Capillus while cooking dinner, catching up on emails at work, walking the dog, or even driving.

The caps are assembled in the USA and come fully equipped with all accessories needed for use. includes a portable battery pack, protective travel case, accessories pouch for smaller items, and a universal AC adapter that plugs into any outlet. There's no need to purchase separate batteries or special chargers. Everything required for comfortable at-home laser therapy is provided in one convenient package.

We offer one of the widest ranges of laser caps to suit different budgets and hair loss results. More laser diodes mean faster, better results, and our caps use superior laser diodes rather than LEDs.

Options range from the Capillus ONE S with 128 diodes to the top-of-the-line Capillus PRO S1 featuring industry-leading 304 diodes. In between, choices include the 202-diode Capillus PLUS and 272-diode Capillus PRO. Capillus' FOCAL series caps have 84 diodes focused on specific areas like the temples or crown for targeted treatment.

Kiierr also offers a laser cap with a baseball cap design, following the winning formula established by Capillus. When your competitor has pioneered an effective yet inconspicuous device for at-home use, it makes sense to stick with what works rather than reinvent the wheel. 

The cap format allows for easy, comfortable treatments throughout the day. Both brands understand this, offering similarly styled options.

Kiierr offers three laser cap options - Kiierr Laser Cap 148 Diode Pro - With 148 laser diodes, this is Kiierr's entry-level model. Kiierr Laser Cap 272 Diode Premium - Kiierr's mid-range option with 272 diodes. Kiierr MD 272 Elite Laser Cap - Kiierr's most powerful cap with 272 diodes and a 25% larger design for maximum scalp coverage.

All Kiierr caps come with accessories like a plain black baseball cap, stretchable headband, wall charger, portable power pack, user manual, and more. The caps fit most heads up to a 23.5-inch circumference.

So, in summary, Kiierr's lineup ranges from 148 to 272 diodes. This puts their most powerful cap on par diode-wise with Capillus' mid-tier 272 diode CapillusPRO. However, Capillus still offers more options on both ends - lower diode counts for budget buyers and up to 304 diodes for maximum results.

Treatment Time

What sets Capillus apart from competitors like Kiierr is the short 6-minute daily treatment time. Kiierr laser devices require longer 30-minute sessions every other day. With laser hair therapy, consistency is crucial if you want to see results.

Even with the best intentions, finding 30 minutes 3-4 days per week to dedicate to laser treatments can be challenging for some. Capillus' quick 6-minute daily sessions are much easier to stick to consistently and develop a habit. For example, you could easily use your Capillus while preparing breakfast or catching up on social media.

Comfort and Portability

Capillus and Kiierr's baseball cap style laser caps are designed to be comfortable to wear and don't draw unwanted attention. Both brands include portable battery packs in their packages, so you can use the laser caps anywhere. However, Capillus' battery pack is more compact and lightweight than the bulkier Kiierr version. This makes it even easier to throw in your bag and keep up with treatments when traveling or out of the house.


New laser devices bought directly from Capillus come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, allowing returns within six months if you are unsatisfied. Capillus also provides limited warranties against defects, with coverage ranging from 1 to 3 years, depending on the model.

Kiierr's warranty is a standard 2-year warranty on defects and manufacturing issues. Extended plans can be purchased to add 1 to 3 more years of coverage. With Kiierr's satisfaction policy, devices can be returned within seven months for a refund, minus a 25% service fee.

Other Products for Healthy Hair Growth

Though laser caps can be used solo as effective standalone treatments, many customers find combining them with other products yields even better hair growth results. Both Capillus and Kiierr offer a range of complementary products.

Capillus has FDA-approved minoxidil formulas to further boost growth. Their derma roller helps drive topical treatments deeper into the scalp for enhanced absorption. Customized hair care kits address the specific needs of men and women.

Kiierr also provides additional options like their DHT-blocking shampoo and thickening conditioner for hair and scalp health. And supplements like biotin and collagen gummies are convenient for getting that extra dose of hair-healthy nutrients.

The Results of Clinical Trials and FDA Clearance

Capillus and Kiierr laser devices are FDA-cleared, so customers can feel confident they are legitimate, tested treatments. Always look for FDA clearance when purchasing hair growth devices.

Clinical trials back up the effectiveness as well. A 17-week study of the CapillusPro used at home every other day showed subjects experienced a significant 51% improvement in hair counts compared to the placebo group. The Capillus laser was proven safe and effective for treating androgenic alopecia with no side effects.

To Wrap Up

When reviewing Kiierr vs. Capillus laser caps, both companies offer proven hair growth solutions with clinical data and FDA clearance backing their technology.

Capillus pioneered laser hair therapy and remains an industry leader, with a wide selection of caps to accommodate budgets and needs.  If a comprehensive system with maximum diode power and shorter sessions makes sense for you, Capillus delivers on this. But Kiierr gives you solid technology at competitive price points. 

What matters most is the consistency of treatment, so find the laser device that best fits your lifestyle and budget. Evaluate your specific hair goals and circumstances when choosing the laser therapy device you can commit to long-term.

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