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4 Hairstyles for Balding Women

  Beautiful at Every Age
Just like men, women are susceptible to symptoms of hair thinning and hair loss. Conditions such as male pattern baldness are talked about more often, but there are just as many hair regrowth treatments for hair loss in women and conditions like female pattern baldness. While you take the time to research and employ different ways to regrow your hair, you can also find...

Your Guide to Hair Restoration & Common Hair Regrowth Terms

  Beautiful at Every Age
There are so many reasons to be interested in hair restoration. Thousands of men experience common hair loss-related conditions such as male-pattern baldness each year. Women are also susceptible to symptoms of female hair loss as a result of hormones, stress, or hereditary conditions like female-pattern baldness. Whether you have a condition like the ones above, are wondering how much hair loss is normal...

3 Clever Ways to Hide Hair Loss During Video Conferences

  Beautiful at Every Age
These days, people are participating in more video conferences than ever before. Even if you get dressed and groom yourself, the angles and close-ups on your camera could leave you feeling self-conscious. If you’re experiencing hair loss, there are luckily many different ways to hide thinning and bald spots while you are on video. The following tricks and techniques will keep you confident and...