First Focal Laser Cap for Focal Hair Loss Treatment

It may be hard to imagine you without your hair, but a reality for many people is that this nightmare is slowly coming true - and it may be happening to you now. You then begin to do research online to find solutions to your growing problem. Although you're hair loss has only started, your worry only increases when your screen is flooded with devices that treat the entire scalp and cost thousands of dollars.

You don't need to spend so much money on a device when your hair loss is at a specific location, like the temples and crown if your male and the medial if your female.

Introducing Capillus Focals - the first suite of focal laser caps in the world. At nearly half the price of our full scalp hair growth treatments, Capillus Focals treat three regions of your scalp: for men, the crown and temples, and for women, the Capillus Focal medial.

Capillus Focals were designed in our Innovation Lab to help you treat your thinning hair - right at the source. By using the same laser diodes in our full scalp caps, Capillus Focals provide all the power to kickstart your hair growth process at three distinct locations with three distinct caps. For men, your hair loss typically starts at the crown and temple, and for women your hair loss usually starts at the medial of your scalp. If left untreated, your hair loss will start to creep around your head until the damage to your hair follicles is too much to reverse. This is where Capillus Focals come in, to prevent any further destruction of your hair follicles by specifically treating those regions of your scalp at the earliest possible time with caps that have lasers directed right at your hair's crown, temple, and medial.

You wouldn't purchase a new car if your current car's tires are flat, right? So why spend thousands of dollars on treatments online when you only need to focus on either the crown, temples, or medial of your hair? Capillus Focal was not only engineering to be one of the most powerful focal laser caps on the market, but also more affordable. Our Innovation Lab designed the cap to provide nearly the same cell-stimulating power that our full scalp hats have, at almost half the price. We can drive the cost down by using less lasers, since the cap isn't focused on full scalp treatment.

More new hair growing with less strain on your wallet, I like the sound of that.

From the hats we like to wear to way our hair is stylized, we're all little different. This extends to how our hair thins over time, be it through genetics, stress, or other means. So if everyone's hair is different, why should you invest in a hair therapy device that's a "one size fits all," when your hair loss isn't that simple. Capillus Focal gives you options to treat your thinning hair by offering the first focal laser caps on the market. Rather than covering the entire scalp, take action on where your hair loss is active. Either at your hair's crown, temples, or the medial, the effects of balding are different for everyone. Don't settle for a laser therapy device that was meant to treat someone else, get the Capillus Focal that was designed for you and your hair.

Summary of The Benefits of Capillus Focals

The first focal laser therapy caps on the market, consisting of three new caps:

  • -The Capillus Focal Crown, Temples and Medial.
  • -Due to using less lasers, we can drive costs lower so that you can experience targeted hair growth at almost half the price of our full scalp treatments.
  • -Capillus Focals use the same real laser diodes found in our scalp caps.
  • -Since these caps focus right on a specific region of your scalp, they can treat that one area effectively without needing any more energy.
  • -Capillus Focals give you the freedom to choose which treatment you need.
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