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Hair Regrowth Laser Cap

Why Capillus is Preferred over Laser Helmets

Just about a decade ago, the first hand-held laser combs entered the market, bringing laser therapy for hair regrowth to the home for the first time in history. Since then, laser devices have evolved into more easy to use products. With so many laser options on the market ranging from embarrassing astronaut-type helmets to Cinderella-style headbands, why do so many physicians and users alike prefer Capillus laser caps?

The incredibly affordable Capillus82 has made laser therapy easy and hassle-free, so you can use it comfortably at home or on-the-go. The reason why thousands of customers and physicians prefer Capillus is because it is clinically proven, so easy to use and does not cause shame while using. Unlike iGrow, the Capillus laser cap is a discreet dome that fits underneath a hat so you can wear at home, driving to work, or doing daily chores around the house, without being embarrassed. It is battery powered so you do not need to be tethered to an AC outlet for operation. It does not disrupt your schedule because you can wear it while you carry out other activities. It is not messy nor does it require any active application by the user. See below for more.

Using Capillus82 vs Using iGrow

Compare to iGrow Laser Helmet

The bulky construction of the iGrow Hair Growth System lacks mobility, coverage, and aesthetics compared to the discrete design of the 82. With just 21 laser diodes, the iGrow laser helmet falls short of providing the coverage and power output many adults require when preventing the progression of hair loss. The Capillus82 is a wearable discreet laser cap that has several advantages over the astronaut-looking iGrow helmet.

61 More Lasers. More Scalp Coverage.

The Capillus82 laser cap covers the entire affected scalp with 82 laser diodes compared to iGrow’s 21 laser diodes (iGrow also features 20 LEDS which have never been proven to regrow hair in clinical trials). What does this mean? More of the scalp is receiving the laser therapy with Capillus so more hair follicles receive the benefits of laser therapy during any given session. So, why pay more for less lasers? iGrow retails for about $695 for 21 lasers compared to Capillus82 with 82 lasers at $899.


The psychological effects of hair loss can be devastating to both men and women suffering from hair loss. Many devices on the market compound to the underlying embarrassment of the hair loss itself by treating the condition with humiliating-looking devices. The Capillus82 laser cap allows users to treat hair loss in a dignified manner, so you can wear it while you watch TV with the family, prepare dinner, or even on your drive to work. The iGrow device may make a user feel silly and requires a power cord to be tethered to the AC outlet during use. Capillus laser caps offer easy treatment by just wearing under a cap while you go about other activities.

Capillus is Committed to Quality

All Capillus laser devices are made in the USA, manufactured in our ISO13485-certified facility in Miami. The company is focused on providing customers with the best products in treatment for hair loss, and is one of the first companies in the world to receive ISO 13485:2003 certification for its quality management system through the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) pilot led by a group of Regulatory Authorities, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada, setting it apart from iGrow and other laser device manufacturers.

Just 6 Mins/Day | Only $999

Hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) is an inherited condition that, if left untreated, will worsen over time. Capillus laser therapy is a physician-recommended, FDA-cleared treatment for androgenetic alopecia that is clinically proven to prevent the progression of hair loss and regrow thinning hair. Capillus laser therapy caps use safe, low level lasers to energize hair follicles and spur new, natural hair growth. Now featuring our new, patent-pending, flexible fit, nothing tops the Capillus cap in convenience and comfort. Use the hat provided or tuck it underneath a sports cap and wear it for six minutes every day. Laser therapy stimulates and energizes the cells within the hair follicle renewing the hair follicle for thicker, healthier hair. The hand-free design requires no user effort – making it a top choice of doctors worldwide within our physician network for its high patient compliance. Click on the highlighted features for more detail.

Slim, Ergonomic Battery for Hands-Free Mobility

The Capillus laser therapy cap is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. The battery back is lightweight and convenient to attach to a belt or slip into your pocket, allowing you to move about during your treatment session. Hands-free mobility means you can use your Capillus cap on your morning commute, while walking your dog, or even when preparing dinner since you are not tethered to a power outlet. Use it any time, anywhere. Click on the highlighted features for more detail.

Easy to Use, Store & Take it with You.

Capillus was designed with a user’s lifestyle in mind. We created a product that is easy to use without disrupting your routine. We make the product easy for you to store or to take on the go. Each Capillus laser cap includes a lightweight, convenient carrying case for easy storage and travel. Store the device and accessories inside the protective case and take it with you on your daily activities or even travels. Each unit now includes a universal adapter with 4 interchangeable input blades for international use.

Clinically Proven to Restore Hair.

Capillus® represents the finest in at-home LLLT hair restoration. Capillus laser therapy is clinically proven. A study conducted by a neutral third party for Capillus, LLC, demonstrates that low level laser treatment of the scalp every other day for 17 weeks using the Capillus laser cap is a safe and effective treatment for androgenetic alopecia. In fact, the clinical study showed that the Capillus laser reduced hair loss in 100% of active study participants. Participants were selected based on proper evaluation by physicians who ruled out underlying medical conditions. The clinical study showed that the Capillus laser resulted in an average 51% increase in hair regrowth over the baseline, with results varying from an increase of 11% to 189% more hair than participants began with at the beginning of the 17 week trial. Countless clinical trials have shown no known side-effects due to laser therapy. It is a safe and effective treatment method for androgenetic alopecia (pattern hair loss due to genetics).

Before and After / Results

FDA-Cleared for Treatment of Hereditary Hair Loss

The CapillusPro (formerly the Capillus272 Pro), Capillus82, and Capillus202 are cleared by the US FDA for the promotion of hair regrowth in females and males with hereditary hair loss. In the United States, Capillus laser therapy caps are considered class medical devices which must receive clearance by the Food & Drug Administration to be legally sold in the country. FDA Clearance is based on an application by the manufacturer of the device to the FDA. This application may include clinical studies that prove efficacy, as well as safety information, and other evidence showing that the device is has been deemed safe and effective for its intended use. Consumers and physicians alike should be aware of the dangers and risks associated with purchasing a device without FDA clearance. Click here to read our consumer warning.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Your peace of mind is important to us. We want you to feel secure in your purchase. We know Capillus laser caps work. In fact, we are so sure that all purchases of laser cap devices made on have a 12 month satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee your satisfaction or we will accept returns of laser devices purchased by customers on after the first 12 months. We want you to give our laser therapy a chance. If after using the device for a 12 month period, you decide that you are not satisfied with your results, contact us to initiate a return. See details here. Policy updated on December 26, 2018. For purchases prior to December 26, 2018, please refer to your purchase documentation.


Capillus laser therapy caps use safe, low level lasers to energize hair follicles and spur new, natural hair growth. Wear for six minutes every day. Our laser caps are physician-recommended worldwide & FDA-Cleared for treatment of alopecia for both men & women. Capillus lasers are clinically proven to prevent the progression of hair loss and regrow thinning hair with over a 95% success rate in clinical trials. Laser therapy stimulates and energizes the cells within the hair follicle renewing the hair follicle for thicker, healthier hair. The hand-free design requires no user effort – making it a preferred choice of doctors worldwide for its high patient compliance. LEARN MORE

  • 82 Laser Diodes
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Economical & Convenient
  • Carrying Case Included
  • Great Simultaneous Coverage
  • Hand Made in USA