Capillus82 Ranked Top Hair Growth Products for Women

Capillus82 Ranked Among Top Hair Growth Products for Women

For women, hair loss treatment can be difficult. Female hair loss strikes silently, appearing only after thousands of hair follicles have stopped growing healthy strands of thick, beautiful hair.

Shampoos and keratin products can strengthen existing hair, but they do not get to the root of the problem at the hair follicle.

Topical foams may prevent further hair loss, but require direct, wet, and messy application to the scalp twice daily.

Laser Therapy is the only non-surgical hair loss treatment clinically proven to stop the progression of hair loss, without the need for topical foams or prescription medicines. Through the use of cool laser light, laser therapy has been shown to reawaken hair follicles and encourage natural hair growth. No mess, no pills, and absolutely zero side effects.

Capillus82®: FDA Cleared Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Capillus82™ is ranked by the world’s leading hair loss surgeons as the best non-surgical hair loss treatment product for women. This FDA Cleared laser cap fits discretely beneath your favorite hat, delivering powerful laser therapy to your entire scalp. In as little as 6 minutes every day, Capillus82™ may significantly increase the flow of blood, oxygen, and natural growth factors directly to the hair follicle.


Capillus82™ is the only 82-laser therapy cap cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat hair loss in women.


Capillus82™ has been clinically proven to stop hair loss while improving hair count by up to 51% in an independently reviewed study made available online at


Thousands of women are experiencing thicker, fuller, sexier looking hair from Capillus® hair therapy, without ever leaving home. Capillus82™ fits beneath your favorite hat, offering an ergonomic fit that is easy to enjoy at home, in the car, or on-the-go.

Before and After Hair Loss Treatment with Capillus®

Physicians Praise Hair Loss Treatment with Capillus®

Around the world, leading hair restoration surgeons are naming laser therapy with Capillus® among the top non-surgical hair loss treatments for women.

  • “Laser therapy is a wonderful product for both men and women alike. I do find that some women are not good candidates for a transplantation because the donor density is insufficient. [Laser therapy] is a wonderful option, for women especially to use, because it can stabilize further progression of the thinning hair. Thinning hair is women is devastating. Anything we can do that is medically sound, scientifically proven to treat them is what I want to offer to them. Laser therapy is a wonderful option,”

    Dr. Robert Leonard
    Dr. Robert Leonard New England
  • "It’s like sending your hair to the gym."

    Dr. Ken Anderson
    Dr. Ken Anderson Atlanta
  • "Many patients use Capillus as a way to maintain their hair density without transplants or as a adjunct to the transplant procedure."

    Dr. Bernard Nusbaum
    Dr. Bernard Nusbaum Celebrity Hair Surgeon & ISHRS Golden Follicle Award Winner, Miami FL

Real Women Share Capillus® Success Stories

  • "I was very skeptical[…] and I was proven incorrect."

    Ellen, Hair Loss Patient from Scottsdale
    Ellen, Hair Loss Patient from Scottsdale Arizona
  • "Within about 3 weeks[…] this is really working. The volume, the strength, the hair is stronger."

    Jackie, Hair Loss Patient from Boston
    Jackie, Hair Loss Patient from Boston Atlanta
  • "I might cry right now I’m so happy. I’m doing my first laser treatment [with Capillus®] to help restore my hair’s health! Can you even believe technology these days?!"

    Heidi Powell
    Heidi Powell Celebrity fitness trainer and television star