Cap+ Hard Bristle Head

Volumizing Keratin Brush

This is the hard bristled head that comes standard on the Cap+ Keratin Fiber Brush.


This is the hard bristle brush is speciallly designed to build a static charge and dispense and place the keratin fibers with realistic texture.

Sturdy nylon bristles with ballpoint tips are anchored in a durable base with a strategically positioned anti-static agent.

  • Dimensions: 4⅛” x 1⅞” x 1¼”·
  • Easily switches out to replace soft brush head

To assure continuous, uninterrupted use:

  • Periodically when using, clean accumulated fibers from the release doors by spraying with compressed air (typically used for computer equipment).
  • Store away from humidity to avoid clumping of keratin fibers. Retain the desiccant packet that came with your kit to help keep dry.

Before and After

Cap+ Volumizing Keratin Brush in Action The results speak for themselves!

  • Before After
  • Before After
  • Before After
  • Before After
  • Before After

See how simple it is to use this revolutionary new tool for covering thinning spots.

A unique tool for thinning hair

Volumizing Keratin Fiber Brush


    Looks like your own hair.


    Takes just minutes to apply for long-lasting effects.


    Always have your replacement cartridge at hand with easy subscription.

Cartridge Brush


Keratin fibers are available in 11 natural colors for the perfect match.

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Auburn
  • Dark Blonde
  • Medium Blonde
  • Ash Blonde
  • Dark Grey
  • Grey
  • Light Grey
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