Cap+ Keratin Fiber Replacement Cartridges 1-Pack

Volumizing Keratin Brush

The revolutionary Cap+ Volumizing Keratin Brush works with these easy-to-use, pre-filled cartridges to deliver natural-looking keratin fiber application in seconds. Each cartridge contains .7g/.25oz. of keratin fibers.

A choice of 11 keratin cartridge color replacements ensures you use the perfect match for natural blending with your existing hair.


The Cap+ Keratin Fiber Replacement Cartridges work with the Cap+ Volumizing Keratin Brush to instantly conceal areas of thinning. You can easily brush in the just the amount of coverage that you need, focusing on sparser areas that are expertly concealed. Fibers are easily washed off with shampoo. For additional adhesion of the miniature keratin fiber particles, you may wish to use our Fiber Holding Spray.

For very fine or short hair, you may also wish to purchase the Soft Brush head.

For an easy look of fuller hair in seconds, follow these steps:

  • Before use, install batteries by sliding open the blue battery-cover plate on brush handle and install (2) AAA batteries (included). Replace battery-cover plate before operating brush.
  • For first-time use, remove cartridge seal, and align and insert cartridge into top of brush.
  • Holding brush handle face up, move power switch to the first left position to open brush dispenser doors.
  • Begin to brush hair, and push switch to the second position to dispense fiber. Release switch to stop. When satisfied with coverage, power off brush to close dispenser doors.

Usage Tips:

  • Always apply to dry, clean hair. Applying to dry hair will ensure fibers can cling to hair. Will not work on wet hair.
  • Prior to dispensing the keratin fibers, brush hair energetically for 5-10 strokes to electrostatically charge the hair.
  • Fiber dispensing: a. Keep the brush horizontal to the floor. b. Start from the back of head and slowly and progressively move forward towards the frontal line hairline. c. Discontinue dispensing fibers. Less is more. d. Style normally, avoiding over-stroking, especially for very fine or thin hair. a. Add additional fibers if needed while brushing.

Choose from 11 Keratin cartridge color replacements for the perfect match: Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Dark Blonde, Medium Blonde, Ashe Blonde, Dark Grey, Grey, Light Grey

To assure continuous, uninterrupted use:

  • Periodically when using, clean accumulated fibers from the release doors by spraying with compressed air (typically used for computer equipment).
  • Store away from humidity to avoid clumping of keratin fibers. Retain the desiccant packet that came with your kit to help keep dry.

Before and After

Cap+ Volumizing Keratin Brush in Action The results speak for themselves!

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See how simple it is to use this revolutionary new tool for covering thinning spots.

A unique tool for thinning hair

Volumizing Keratin Fiber Brush


    Looks like your own hair.


    Takes just minutes to apply for long-lasting effects.


    Always have your replacement cartridge at hand with easy subscription.

Cartridge Brush


Keratin fibers are available in 11 natural colors for the perfect match.

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Auburn
  • Dark Blonde
  • Medium Blonde
  • Ash Blonde
  • Dark Grey
  • Grey
  • Light Grey
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