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Take the Capillus® Challenge. Using the chart below, compare our products with other leading low level laser therapy treatment devices. Below, devices are evaluated by both technical specifications and user experience. Technical specifications include laser wavelength, power per laser, number of lasers, and total laser output. User experience describes how easily the device can be used on a daily basis, an important factor when choosing a treatment that will likely require months of use.

Laser Devices
For Hair Loss
Capillus272 ProLaser Combs*In Office Domes*
User Experience
For Home Usecheckmark_otherscheckmark_othersuncheck_others
Treatment Protocol30 mins every other dayComb Hair 3X / Week
for 15 minutes
Sit Under Dome 3X / Week
at Medical Clinic
Hands Freecheckmark_othersuncheck_otherscheckmark_others
Medically Managedcheckmark_othersuncheck_otherscheckmark_others
Technical Specifications
Power per Laser~5 mW5 mW5 mW
Number of Lasers272982
Total Power Output~1360 mW45 mW410 mW
Laser Wavelenghth650 nm650 nm650 nm
Available FromPhysicians OnlyOTCPhysician In-Office Only
FDA Clearance StatusCleared for treatment of androgenic alopecia in adultsVariedVaried
Purchase Information
Warranty Period3 Year5 MonthsN/A

More on this chart: The chart above compares the different devices available for administering low level laser therapy for hair loss. Lasers produce and emit light at specific wavelengths and watts of power. All the devices compared here emit 5mW of power per laser at wavelengths of 650 nanometers. The wavelength of laser light is chosen for laser devices based on its specific purpose.  As per the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, “The laser light used for treatment of pattern hair loss is visible red light with wavelength of 630-670 nanometers and low power (wattage),” [i].

“Low Level laser therapy for the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss”. International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.