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1. Look and Feel My Best

To look and feel your best in 2018 and beyond, start by treating your thinning hair. Capillus offers three great ways to complement your laser therapy hair treatment:

  1. Cap+ clinical hair care products use the best ingredients that work together to gently cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize hair for overall scalp health. You can buy the shampoo, conditioner, activator, and revitalizer individually or as a bundle.
  2. RXCap+ 5% Minoxidil for Men is a topical solution that provides more hair regrowth than Minoxidil topical solution 2%.
  3. Cap+ keratin hair fibers provide instant coverage for fuller hair in seconds.

2. Travel More

Getting laser therapy for hair loss doesn’t mean having to cancel your travel plans. Capillus laser therapy caps provide you with the convenience of receiving your daily treatment anywhere, anytime. All Capillus laser therapy caps are designed to be discreet, hands-free, and mobile. Each cap comes with a lightweight carrying case, and a Universal AC Adapter with 4 interchangeable input blades for international use so you never have to miss a treatment wherever you go.

3. Worry Less

Hair restoration therapy offers much more than a fuller head of hair. In both men and women, it has been known to help them feel more confident, more engaged in life, and project a more positive self-image. Capillus laser therapy devices have been clinically proven to help stop hair loss and provide hair regrowth within 17 weeks when used as directed. Using an FDA-cleared low-level laser therapy cap from Capillus takes just six minutes a day and the hands-free operation gives you the freedom to do whatever you want while receiving treatment. So you can get more enjoyment out of life with less worrying.

4. Learn Something New

Did you know that thinning hair affects 50% of adult women and 80% of adult men? Or that a low-level laser therapy cap is a safe and effective way to treat pattern baldness in women and men? Want to learn more? Click here