Best Selling Capillus Laser Caps for Hair Loss. Read Reviews and Testimonials.

Check Out Our Best Selling Capillus Laser Caps for Hair Loss and See Why So Many Have Chosen Capillus. Read Reviews and Testimonials From Actual Users.
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Actual Users of Capillus Laser Caps Review Our Devices

Capillus Laser Caps for hair loss makes it easy to help regrow your hair with its discreet, at-home therapy. With just 6 minutes a day, the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, you could be helping to stop your hair loss. Capillus uses laser technology which is safe and effective and cleared by the FDA to help stop hair loss and help regrow hair in men and women suffering from androgenic alopecia.

How to Choose the Best Hair Restoration Products

All our Capillus laser caps are FDA-Cleared to treat pattern hair loss in men and women. If you are looking for a professional- grade device for maximum benefit, our pick would be the CapillusPro Laser Cap which offers our best coverage of scalp area, a 3-year manufacturer warranty, and 1360 mW of energy output. If you are looking for affordability, we offer the CapillusUltra, which has great scalp coverage, 1-year manufacturer warranty, and 410 mW of energy output.
Capillus for hair loss

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