The Making of a Capillus Laser Cap for Hair Regrowth

Step 1: We Turn an Idea into Reality

The Journey begins in Miami, Florida

Capillus founder and creator, Carlos Piña, turned his vision into reality from the garage of his home in 2012. As someone who experienced hair loss, Piña partnered with experts in hair restoration and medical device manufacturing to design and engineer a powerful home-use device to treat hair loss at home. He wanted a device that was as powerful as those available in physician offices but with the convenience of wearability and home-use.

Step 2: We Find the Best Suppliers

We Find the World’s Best Resources & Manufacture in our FDA-Registered Facility*

Capillus manufactures each laser therapy cap individually in our corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida*. Manufacturing in the USA* also gives us more flexibility to innovate and make product improvements quickly. And, as one of the top hubs for international commerce in the United States, Miami has easy access to the best suppliers from all around the world. We evaluate suppliers with incredible care and partner only with those that have the ability to uphold the level of quality and reliability which Capillus expects for its products.

*Made in the USA with foreign-sourced materials.

Step 3: We Recruit Top Personnel to Handcraft Your Device

We Deliver Excellence by Demanding Excellence

Capillus follows stringent guidelines when recruiting technicians qualified to work on your device. Aside from being skilled in their craft and able to perform at the level of Capillus manufacturing standards, our assemblers are focused, detail-oriented, and extremely particular with the devices they produce.

Step 4: Your Capillus Cap Comes Together

Piece by Piece by Skilled Hands, the Story of Each Cap Begins in Miami

The technician begins by pulling components such as the laser diodes and electronics. For quality assurance and precision, every laser diode is carefully positioned before being soldered into place. Once the laser diodes are assembled, the unit is then paired with a battery pack before undergoing testing. Every single interaction with the unit—including the source of each material, the engineers who handle and test the unit, and individual test results—is thoroughly documented in the device's story.

Step 5: Numerous Quality Checks to Ensure a Perfect Cap

From Testing Laser Emission to Pairing With Its Battery, Your Cap Is Checked for Quality

Each unit is inspected throughout the manufacturing process according to our quality system to ensure that each product meets FDA and ISO regulatory standards, as well as those we place on ourselves to meet the needs of our customers. Once it's confirmed that the laser diodes and electronics perform correctly, it is assembled into a dome and secured with its cable for review.

Step 6: Capillus Final Touches

Your Capillus Device is Tucked Into a Comfortable Sports Cap & Packaged With Care

The dome is then fitted into a hypoallergenic polymer that meets food-grade standards to assure you will be comfortable while undergoing treatment. The device is then ready for final inspection and its story is evaluated. Once the device is approved, it is packaged with care with its battery, accessories, and supporting documents and placed safely in our own temperature-controlled inventory warehouse until you place your order.

Step 7: Shipped to Find Its New Home

Your Cap Is Shipped With Tracking Directly to You

Upon order, the cap’s unique serial number is matched to you in our system and your carefully packaged Capillus device is expedited to you with tracking to ensure its safe arrival. Although the Capillus laser therapy device fits under any hat, we have provided a specially designed cap with breathable fabric and a slit already created for the battery cable. The carrying case protects the device in your home or while you travel, and the universal AC adaptor parts allow for international use so you can keep up with your treatment almost anywhere.

Step 8: Getting Started Is Easy

Now the Cap Gets to Work for You

We make getting started with your device as easy as possible. The Capillus team has created comprehensive support materials to help answer any questions you may have. Included with the device, you'll find a Quick Start Guide with brief user information and the User Manual with more specific details about your cap. Online you will find a wealth of resources including videos and FAQs to provide further assistance.

Step 9: Manufacturer Warranty and Continued Support

We Are Here for You If You Need Us –
Before, During, and After Your Purchase

If you ever need support, you can reach out. Should your cap need it, it can come back to us for adjustments. All repairs are handled by our service technicians located in our Miami, Florida, headquarters.