Capillus Stylist Program

Professional hair stylists are often the first to notice thinning or shedding in their clients. Our Capillus Stylist Program allows haircare professionals to do more than simply notify their customers. Instead, they play an active role in helping them receive effective treatment. With this program, you can personally offer your clients a revolutionary, non-invasive technique proven to facilitate hair regrowth in the comfort of your own salon or for their personal use at home, available through you.

Help your customers fight hair loss as soon as it is detected, increase your salon’s revenue, and strengthen client relations through our direct sales program for the CapillusUltra™, CapillusPlus™, and/or CapillusPro™ laser therapy cap devices. Thanks to FDA clearance, all three at-home devices are available for non-prescription use.

In addition, salon owners and stylists can offer an in-person hair loss treatment with the Capillus OfficePro™. This is the first and only standing clinical laser unit available for non-prescription use. You do not need to be a licensed healthcare physician to oversee treatment.

Whether your clients are seeking a professional-grade hair loss treatment inside your salon or conveniently at home, Capillus has a laser cap to suit their needs. You’ll be the intermediary who guides each client toward a real hair loss solution – and they’ll thank you with lasting customer loyalty.

The Capillus Difference

Capillus lasers target dormant follicles to stop the progression of hair loss while encouraging regrowth, scalp health, and added volume. Depending on the device, each dome insert contains 410mW to 1360mW of total energy output and a progressively greater range in laser density.
Thousands of customers across the globe have witnessed remarkable results with our affordable, mid-range and medical-grade laser caps. Capillus is backed by a number of leading hair restoration surgeons, 8 FDA clearances, an ISO13485 certification and a Health Canada license.
Hair loss can be an upsetting condition, and treatments that preserve the individual’s privacy will naturally encourage ongoing compliance. Low-level laser therapy is not a short-term solution and requires regular wear for long-term results. Capillus’s at-home devices come with a portable battery back and discreet baseball cap design to facilitate consistent use and treatment success.
Meanwhile, the in-office dome allows clients to receive laser therapy at their preferred salon. This eliminates time-consuming trips to the doctor’s office, allowing a more practical, aggregated approach to hair care and hair loss treatment.
The Capillus at-home laser caps and in-office dome are FDA cleared for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, or hereditary hair loss, in both men and women. There are no known adverse side effects.
Getting started with the Stylist Program is easy. Just complete the inquiry form on this page or call 786-888-6249.