Capillus Leaves Lasting Impression at AAD’s 76th Annual Meeting

Laser Therapy Delights Dermatologists Seeking Reputable, Non-Invasive Hair Loss Treatments for Patients


Capillus Capillus Leaves Lasting Impression at AAD’s 76th Annual Meeting

The World Congress for Hair Research gave us the opportunity to spread awareness of Capillus laser therapy for the treatment of hair loss and hair regrowth to the eastern market.

The use of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) for treating hair loss was a major topic of discussion during the American Academy of Dermatology’s 2018 AAD Annual Meeting – and rightfully so. This year’s conference was held at the San Diego Convention Center in front of more than 18,800 attendees. One popular scientific session on LLLT sparked profound interest in Capillus, a leading provider of low-level laser therapy caps and exhibitor at the conference, among leading dermatologists worldwide.

In the session titled, “Light Based Devices: Photomodulation and Hair Growth,” Dr. Maria Hordinsky discussed the use of light therapy for patients with thinning hair. Dr. Richard Rox Anderson, Director of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, further explained the proven science behind light-based devices as a stimulus for hair growth. Finally, Dr. Ronda S. Farah provided a detailed overview of the FDA-cleared laser devices for hair regrowth, Capillus included. Capillus laser devices were recently selected for a study being conducted by Dr. Ronda S. Farah, a board-certified dermatologist and lector at this year’s conference.

The subject of LLLT generated so much buzz that the Capillus booth experienced an unprecedented number of inquiries. Dermatologists from across the globe approached the exhibit wanting to know how they can incorporate Capillus laser devices into their practice and treatment plans.

At the Capillus exhibit, physicians were able to get a first-hand demonstration of how laser devices for in-office and at-home treatment work. They also learned how low-level laser therapy can be safely used in combination with any other hair restoration treatment method, including hair transplants.

The audience was introduced to Capillus’ full-line of laser therapy devices, including the revolutionary CapillusRX™, a cap containing more lasers than any other at-home LLLT device on the market. With 312 diodes, the CapillusRX™ delivers maximum coverage of the scalp and premier effectiveness in just six-minute treatment sessions. Because of its prescription strength, this new device is available only through the Capillus Physician Network.

In addition to the CapillusRX™, Capillus offers three other FDA-cleared laser caps for direct sale via The Capillus82™ is the most economical device with 82 laser diodes, while the Capillus202™ is on the second tier with 202 laser diodes. Finally, the CapillusPro™ is a professional-grade device with 272 laser diodes. For in-office laser treatments, Capillus also offers the Capillus OfficePro™, available to physicians and salons only.

Not only did visitors to the booth get to learn about Capillus’ top-selling laser therapy devices, they were also able to enter a drawing for a chance to win a CapillusPro™. The winner, who was randomly selected, was Dr. Ross Levy, MD, FAAD, of CareMount Medical located in Mount Kisco, New York.  Capillus is also proud to welcome Dr. Levy to it’s international network of leading hair restoration surgeons and specialists.

About Capillus, LLC 

Capillus, LLC offers prescription and over-the-counter hair regrowth products and medical devices for both men and women suffering from hair loss. The Capillus premier product lines include low-level laser therapy (LLLT) devices that are FDA-cleared and manufactured in the US under the highest-quality certification standard for the medical device industry (ISO13485). Capillus also offers additional non-prescription clinical hair products for hair and scalp health under the Cap+ and RXCap+ brand. Capillus products are available directly to the public for at-home use and also to their network of physicians for office use.

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