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Great Coverage | Economical & Convenient

If hair loss runs in your family, Capillus laser therapy may be a great treatment option for you.

The Capillus82 is an FDA-cleared, wearable, battery-operated laser therapy device recommended by physicians to restore thinning hair due to genetics (androgenetic alopecia) and prevent progression of hair loss. Now featuring a new, flexible fitting design which makes it more comfortable than ever to use, the Capillus82 provides clinically proven Capillus laser therapy to restore thinning hair due to genetics (androgenetic alopecia).

The Capillus82 model is our value-priced device that features 82 laser diodes for great scalp coverage (compared to similarly priced helmet and comb gadgets).


Wear for just 30 minutes every other day under a sports cap. Its ease of use encourages compliance for maximize results. You can wear with the provided hat or any other of your preference. It works for both men and women by providing laser therapy to the follicles on the scalp by treating hair loss and hair thinning at home or on-the-go without medication, surgery, or known adverse side-effects.  If you begin treatment during the earlier stages of progression, the Capillus82 can stop further hair loss and regrow the hair that has begun to thin.
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The Capillus82 is manufactured in the USA under the highest quality standards for the medical device industry (ISO13485). The Capillus82 includes a 1 year manufacturer warranty. All support and warranty service is handled from our Miami-based corporate headquarters. All accessories (including the lithium-ion battery pack, a lightweight travel case, accessories pouch, and universal AC adapter) are included with your Capillus laser purchase
* Manufactured in the USA from foreign source raw materials


Keep in mind that it takes time for hair to grow. You will not notice results immediately as it takes time to restore follicle health and then for the new strands of hair to grow. For a general timeline of what to expect click here. We recommend you take pictures of your scalp before you begin treatment so you can effectively keep track of results.

  • Comfortable, Flexible fitting design
  • 82 Laser Diodes (no LEDs)
  • Auto-programmed Treatment sessions
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Reverses the process of Hair Loss
  • Safe and Effective for treating hair loss due to heredity
  • Treats thinning hair and balding
  • Nurtures, Fuller, healthier looking hair
  • Revitalizes damaged hair
  • Easy to use & no known side-effects


Key Features:

  • Provides Instant Coverage for Fuller Hair in Seconds
  • Available in 9 Colors

Indications for Use:

A temporary, quick fix that provides patients instant coverage for fuller hair in seconds. Thousands of miniature keratin fiber particles cling statically to hair, instantly concealing areas of thinning.

Style clean hair as normal and ensure it is dry. Hold bottle close to hair and shake lightly over area of thinning until it is fully covered. Gently pat hair to disperse the fibers and blend into hair for a natural look. If desired, use hair spray for extra hold. Avoid combing hair after application. Close the bottle tightly and store away from moisture when not in use.

What’s Included:

  • Keratin Hair Fiber Bottle

Sizing Information

Please note that our regular size caps fit most heads, with a head circumference of up to 24". If your head circumference is greater than 24" inches please contact customer service for ordering a larger size.

Safety Labels

Laser safety is the safe design, use and implementation of lasers to minimize the risk of laser accidents, especially those involving eye injuries. To control the risk of injury, various specifications define “classes” of laser depending on their power and characteristics.


Type 5 mW
Wavelength 650
Output Mode Continuous