My doctor prescribed the Capillus272 laser for my thinning hair. It’s been proven to work and, unlike oral medications for hair loss, has no known side-effects.
The Capillus272 is so easy to use... I just pop it on my head and wear it around the house. Thirty minutes every other day is all it takes without any effort on my part!
Hands free and mobile
Laser therapy brings a non-surgical option to patients for hair loss treatment. The Capillus272 makes it easy for patients to comply with treatment protocol, so they get results. With no known side effects, it is a very desirable option for many patients.

“Now we are able to provide a unit that is self-contained and patients can take home, so it is easier for them to be compliant with a laser regimen.”

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Dr. Bernardino A. Arocha, Texas

“The Capillus cap is a great unit that has taken these low level laser lights and put them in a cap that is very sturdy, works well, and today, I think, it’s probably the top of the line, the Cadillac, of the ways of delivering light to the scalp.“

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Dr. Peter Panagotacos, California

“I like the type of lasers that you can actually put on the scalp and walk around because it has a battery pack. That seems to be the laser that is most compliant with patients and compliance means efficacy.”

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- Dr. Shelly Friedman, Arizona

“The Capillus272 has been very effective in our practice in Georgia. I truly recommend this product over other products. I believe, currently, it is the #1 product that I try my patients to understand in terms of benefits and value.”

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- Dr. Sam Lam, Texas