Hair Loss managed by physicians

How does Capillus Laser Therapy Work?

Capillus is a non-surgical approach to hair loss managed by physicians that uses a combination of treatments for thicker, healthier hair.

How Does Laser Help With Thinning Hair

Laser light at low levels has been shown to increase cell metabolism, the health of blood vessels in the scalp for thicker, supple & more durable hair.

Authorized Physicians Centers

We are making Capillus272 available only through select physicians and medically supervised centers who determine patient suitability for treatment.

Non-Surgical Approach to Hair Loss

Various hair loss solutions exist to prevent, restore, or even reverse hair loss. These hair loss therapies include shampoos & topicals, prescription medications, laser therapy, and hair transplantation.

Hair Restoration Surgeons on LLLT

"In our experience in our office,  laser is the most effective way in stopping hair loss in women." - Dr Shelly Friedman, Scottsdale Institute for Cosmetic Dermatology.

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Patient Feedback on Light Therapy For Hair Loss

"Just as I was approaching 60 years old, it was very very rapid hair loss. I went from having enough hair for two women to just shedding..." - Ellen, Laser Patient

"After chemo started my hair started falling out in 2 weeks. I had hardly any hair. I wore ball caps I didn't ant people to see me. I wore scarves over my head.... [After laser...] My crown is not nearly as thin. I have filled in the back. My scalp is not nearly as noticeable." - Fran, Cancer Survivor, Laser Patient

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See Results of LLLT

Interactive Graphics showing before and after treatment

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