Laser Cap Physicians in Miami, Florida

Are you looking for a laser cap in Miami, Florida? At Capillus, we believe laser hair restoration is best when actively managed by a licensed medical professional. We are pleased to provide Miami residents direct access to South Florida’s top hair restoration surgeons offering low level laser therapy (LLLT) with laser caps like the Capillus272. Please note: This page will be updated regularly to ensure the highest quality laser cap physician recommendations. For easy reference, we recommend bookmarking this page in your browser so you may easily return in the future.

Featured Physician: Dr. Bernard Nusbaum, Hair Transplant Institute of Miami

Dr. Bernard Nusbaum is a board certified dermatologist and hair restoration surgeon located in Coral Gables, Florida. Widely acclaimed as one of the top surgeons in South Florida, Dr. Nusbaum welcomes patients to the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami, where leading technologies meet unparalleled patient care and treatment. Among the hair loss treatment options available to Miami patients is the Capillus272™ home-use laser cap, as well as the Capillus272 OfficePro in-office laser dome.

“Laser red light is effective in stimulating energy within the cells of the hair follicle, and studies which I have performed, have shown that patients using this treatment will stop losing hair, and regrow perhaps 15-20% of their hair volume.” –Dr. Bernard Nusbaum, MD

Laser Caps: Especially Effective for Women

“I have found that these types of laser treatments are effective, and also [especially] convenient for women who do not want to use liquid applications, because perhaps they do not shampoo every day, or other inconveniences associated with treatments that are liquids that need to be applied to the scalp.” –Dr. Bernard Nusbaum, MD

Are Laser Caps Effective for Men?

Not to worry, men of Miami. Laser caps are effective for men and women alike, and there is virtually no difference in treatment among men and women. For more details, visit this article titled Is Laser Hair Therapy the Same for Men and Women? In fact, laser caps are commonly used by men who undergo surgical hair restoration. Hair surgeries, like “strip donor” transplant and follicular unit extraction (FUE), involves moving hair from one the rear or sides of the head to the restoration site (e.g. the balding area that is being restored). Maintaining the health and vitality of the hair is critical, both before and after the transplant is performed. Laser caps have been shown to nourish hair follicles by inducing cellular respiration, which helps hair to grow thicker and fuller. When used prior to hair surgery, laser caps help to ensure surgeons have the strongest possible donor hair to extract and transplant. After the procedure, laser caps can provide the stimulation needed to improve circulation, deliver more oxygen to the scalp, and accelerate graft healing. In fact, many physicians recommend patients continue laser cap use for years after surgery, simply to protect their investment and reduce the likelihood that a second or third procedure will be needed.

Find a Laser Cap Physician in Miami

Capillus272 is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss and is available through authorized physicians only. Miami residents interested in Capillus laser therapy are invited to contact the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami at 305-925-0222. Not a Miami resident? Search for an authorized Capillus physician near you by visiting this page. If you cannot find a physician in your area, call Capillus to arrange a video consultation with a licensed hair restoration surgeon at 1-888-272-9599.

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