Where to Buy

Where to Buy

Capillus offers over-the-counter and prescription solutions for overall scalp health and hair regrowth. You may shop all of our products that are available here on our website at the Shop All option. If you prefer to consult a hair loss physician for advice on purchasing a cap or find another reseller to purchase a product locally, see the options below.

Looking to buy Capillus products in your area? Below is a list of all resellers of Capillus products. Capillus laser therapy caps are cleared for over-the-counter sale and thus do not require a prescription. Contact the Capillus center near you to find out if they carry the product in which you are interested. Please note that not all resellers listed below are physicians.

Looking for a Hair Restoration Physician in your Area? At Capillus, we understand that physicians are those individuals best suited to recommend treatment for hair loss. We connect hair loss sufferers with local medical professionals who provide personalized hair loss diagnosis. Our CapillusRX laser therapy cap is only available through select physicians in our network. Search our international network of leading hair restoration surgeons and specialists below by filtering by physicians to find a physician within the Capillus network near you.

Use the physician filter to limit search to locations with a licensed healthcare professional only.


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