Capillus® Brings Physicians & Patients More Choices.

There are many reasons to join our elite network of hair loss physicians. Today, the Capillus® physician network is widely known for safety, efficacy, and excellence in physician-managed low-level laser therapy. Around the world, patients trust Capillus® lasers as their laser product of choice.

Capillus® brings physicians and patients more choices. Our laser therapy devices range from mobile devices to clinical-use devices. We currently have 4 models of home-use mobile devices: CapillusUltra™ (MSRP $999), CapillusPlus™ (MSRP $1999), CapillusPro™ (MSRP $2999), and the CapillusRx™ (MSRP $3499). We also offer the Capillus OfficePro™, which is similar to a salon hood and allows physicians to treat patients in sessions at their clinics.

Capillus® conducted clinical trials for the CapillusPro™ laser therapy cap which showed a significant increase in hair counts over the baseline over a 17-week period. Results can be viewed at All Capillus laser products have been cleared by the FDA for treatment of androgenic alopecia in men and women and are cleared for sale without a prescription. Clearances for each device can be viewed on the US FDA's 510(k) Premarket Notification database. It is important to understand that only devices that are cleared through a 510(k) process are legal for sale in the United States. For the safety and well-being of your patients, it is recommended you ensure that any device you make available to your patients has been evaluated for safety through proper channels.

Our cohesive approach to hair loss treatment is managed by physicians to ensure the best combination of therapy for each patient. Patients interested in our professional laser products are referred to physicians in the Capillus Affiliate Marketing program, and physicians determine whether patients are a good candidate for laser therapy. We are pleased to offer various levels of affiliation for physicians with appealing offerings, savings, and marketing support at each level.

Expand Your Product Offerings

Laser hair therapy is increasing in popularity among hair loss sufferers who do not wish to engage in messy topical treatments, prescription medications, or surgical restoration. It is also an excellent complement therapy for the aforementioned treatments. Join the Capillus physicians network, and meet patient demand with safe, proven, and effective laser therapy products for in-office and at-home use.
Capillus offers products designed to expand the treatment options your medical office brings patients. For hair transplant candidates, Capillus products improve thickness and viability of donor hair, in turn leading to better restoration results. For those who are not candidates for surgery, Capillus products are a safe and effective way to treat androgenic alopecia both in the office (Capillus OfficePro™) and at home (CapillusUltra™, CapillusPlus™, CapillusPro™ and CapillusRX™). In the end, the result is the same: More patients treated, and greater results.

Connect with New Patient Inquiries from Capillus® 

As a member of our physicians network, you will play an integral role in providing our website visitors with expert consultation and treatment recommendation. It is our pleasure to provide new patient inquiries to our physician network members, because we know there is no better substitute for hair loss evaluation and treatment than from a licensed professional. Capillus® refers inquiries by patients actively searching for Capillus® laser hair restoration physicians in your area.

Broaden the Exposure of Your Medical Practice

Brochures, posters, pages for physicians’ websites, press releases, and social media promotions are just a few of the complimentary marketing services available to select members of our physicians network. Complete the form on this page to get started, and request information on our various programs during your follow up to learn more about jump-starting your Capillus® product offerings online.

Choose a Hair Restoration Laser with Confidence

Download this complimentary guide to learn how thoughtful consideration of the following challenges will let you choose Capillus with confidence.
    • Does the device meet regulatory requirements?
    • Is the device cleared by the FDA?
    • Has the device undergone clinical trials?
    • Is the manufacturer registered as a medical device manufacturer with the FDA?
    • Is the device the best laser for hair loss you can offer patients?
    • Where is the product manufactured?
    • What type of support does the manufacturer provide?