100% Medical-Grade Lasers

Capillus ensures faster and more noticeable results compared to many other brands that use LEDs, which delivers incoherent light that doesn't penetrate as deeply into the skin, making it less effective for directly delivering treatment to the follicles.

Competitors mention a study, but nobody actually shares it

Backed by scientific research

Capillus, underwent a clinical trials that substantiated the efficacy and safety of our technology for treating androgenetic alopecia. There are brands in the market that claim to have clinical studies when, in reality, they possess unpublished articles of their product.

Amount Icon Amount Icon Amount Icon
Diode Icon Therapy Type Medical-Grade Laser Diodes LEDs and Lasers
Amount Icon Amount 304 to 82 300 to 51
Clock Icon Treatment Time Shorter Sessions. Only 6 minutes a day. Longer Sessions. 12 and 30 minutes.
Scalp Icon Scalp Coverage Full scalp coverage Top & crown
Safety Icon Safety Eye safety sensors May not have sensors
Clinically Proven Icon Clinically Proven Results Published medical studies Unpublished medical studies
Money Back Icon Money-Back Guarantee 6-Month Guarantee 6-Month Guarantee
Safety Icon Mobile App Mobile app available for tracking progress No mobile app
Safety Icon FDA-Cleared FDA-Cleared for safety and efficacy Not cleared by the FDA
Safety Icon Assembled and Serviced USA China

Grow Hair in Good Company with Capillus

Proven Efficacy

No matter your gender, age, genetics or hair goals.

  • Katie McCauley, 30

    "I'm really happy I found something that worked for me."

  • Bo Bankhead, 36

    "I’m just very confident in what Capillus has done for me."

  • Teri, 82

    “Capillus is really making wonders in my hair.”

  • Brock Jerry, 23

    "Capillus gave me the confidence back to when I was younger"

  • Beau Latourette, 42

    “It makes you feel better when your hair looks better.”

  • Ana Maria, 46

    "It really changed how I feel about myself."

  • Assembled in USA

    Engineered and expertly assembled in the USA, ensuring top-tier quality, precision, and innovation.

  • Free Shipping

    No code needed.Offer valid within contiguous United States on all products.

  • 6-Month Guarantee

    We are so confident in Capillus that we offer a risk-free 6-month money back guarantee.

  • Expert-Backed

    Developed by a team of experienced professionals and backed by clinical research.

Solutions For Hair Loss

Our hair loss treatments are FDA-cleared and clinically proven to regrow thinning hair and prevent further progression of hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia (pattern balding).

  • Laser Caps

    Clinically proven technology for hair regrowth. FDA-Cleared. Medical-grade lasers that help promote the hair growth

  • Hair Supplement

    A daily supplement carefully formulated with clinically proven ingredients that inspire thicker, fuller, and more remarkable-looking hair

  • Hair Care

    New and improved formula made with 100% natural active ingredients designed to counteract hair loss.


The Scientifically Proven Solution

There are brands in the market that claim to have clinical studies when, in reality, they possess unpublished articles of their product.

  • Dr. Daniel McGrath

    “Capillus has been a game


  • Dr. Samer Muala

    “Capillus is superior to the other

    brands of caps out there”

  • Dr. Antonella Tosti

    “This is something that is really helpful to reduce inflammation on the scalp”

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