Laser Hair Treatment Side Effects

Hair loss is a pervasive problem in America and around the world, transcending both age and gender. It is a recognized medical condition, with side effects that include anxiety, depression, and social withdrawal. Hair loss is known to cause significant harm to personal and professional life, undermining successful relationships by shattering one’s confidence and self image. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to reverse the signs of hair loss. In increasing numbers, men and women are finding a fuller head of hair with non-surgical procedures like laser hair restoration. This approach utilizes medical-grade laser products to stimulate new hair growth in a simply, convenient, and pain-free way. But are there side effects to laser hair therapy?

A Brief History of Laser Hair Therapy

The origin of laser hair therapy begins with a well-known physicist named Albert Einstein. Einstein is credited with many revolutionary discoveries, including the concept of “light amplification through stimulated emission of radiation.” This concept became known by the acronym, LASER. Laser light made its medical debut in 1967. At that time, Dr. Andre Master became one of the first medical professionals to use laser devices to treat patients. This earned him the nickname, Grandfather of Laser Therapy. Today, medical lasers have evolved to treat a variety of different medical conditions, including arthritis, tendinopathy, chronic pain, and hair loss. In the case of laser hair therapy, low-level laser light is used to induce phototherapy within the hair follicle. Studies indicate that new hair growth is likely the result of phototherapy, as it introduces light energy to the follicle and appears to revitalize the hair growth process.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Therapy

As with any medical treatment, it’s wise to consider the possibility of side effects before undergoing treatment. Patients are advised to always consult a licensed physician to inquire about known side effects of specific laser hair restoration products. What’s true for one product may not hold true for all, and physicians are always the best individuals to speak with about hair loss, treatment options, and known side effects.

Capillus: Hair Growth, Without Reported Adverse Side Effects

When it comes to safety and effectiveness, physicians and hair loss professionals continue to recommend the CapillusPro™ model (formerly known as the Capillus272Pro™). The CapillusPro™ laser cap is a convenient tool to promote new hair growth, restore thinning hair due to genetics, and prevent progression of hair loss. The CapillusPro™ received FDA clearance for the treatment of alopecia in men and women, and the product has no known adverse side effects. For product inquiries and order assistance, please call customer service at 1-844-280-4680.

The CapillusRX™ model is only available exclusively through the Capillus physician network, ensuring that each patient receives proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations prior to beginning use. The international network of Capillus physicians represents the world’s foremost dermatologists, surgeons, and hair loss professionals. To learn more, visit this page to find a Capillus physician near you.

Is Capillus Laser Hair Therapy Right for You?

If you or a loved one suffers with hair loss, rest assured you are not alone. Take control today by contacting Capillus® at 1-888-272-9599, or visit the following page to take a complimentary hair loss evaluation online.

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