Can Regular Scalp Massages Help Reduce Hair Loss?

If you are one of the many people looking for solutions for hair regrowth, know that there are a variety of options available to you. In addition to clinical hair therapy regimens such as laser treatment for hair loss, you can also try massaging your scalp. While it seems simple, scalp massage may be able to help improve the health of your hair. Learn more about this at-home treatment below and why it might be effective. With this information in mind, you can create a new strategy for growing thicker, healthier locks.

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About Scalp Massages

If you like body massages, you are in for a treat. A scalp massage is quite similar to the type of treatment you get at the spa, minus a few differences. With a regular massage, a masseuse will usually apply stronger pressure to your neck and back than you do to your head. When you are rubbing your scalp, all you need is a gentle touch.

To do your own scalp massage, place your fingertips at the crown of your head. Starting at the top of your scalp, use your fingers to slowly rub in a circular motion. After a few rotations of your fingertips, move your hands outward to the sides of your head. Rub across the back of your scalp, and then back up to the front of your head near the hairline and temples. Repeat in areas that seem to have discomfort or tension.

It is safe to complete scalp massages multiple times daily. Just be careful not to pull on your hair or be too rough on your scalp. If you prefer to use a scalp massaging device, there is a variety of options available. Search online for the products that work best for you.

Benefits of a Scalp Massage

While a scalp massage is an excellent way to relieve tension, other benefits of head massages include easing headache pain, reducing stress, and enhancing feelings of relaxation. Some studies also show that it can help lower blood pressure. To help with high blood pressure symptoms, you will need to spend between 15-25 minutes on each session. Some people say that massaging the scalp can make the roots of the hair look fuller if only for a short period.

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Scalp Massages for Hair Loss

While scalp massages can add some quick volume to your roots and make you feel relaxed, many people are wondering if they can help with hair loss or hair regrowth. According to Healthline, some studies have shown that gently rubbing your scalp can lead to thicker hair. If you are wondering how it works, it all starts with your hair follicles. Each time you massage the skin on your scalp, you stretch the cells of the hair follicle, which helps to increase hair thickness.

There is no consensus among experts on how long to massage your head, but research shows that it is most effective if you do the treatment for at least a few minutes. For best results, complete your scalp massages daily. If you have additional questions about scalp massages for your hair health, consult with a doctor or another health and wellness professional.

Growing Thicker, Healthier Hair

No matter what your reasons are for needing hair regrowth, therapies like scalp massages combined with clinical shampoos and conditioners can make a difference in the look and feel of your locks. You can increase the effectiveness of your routine by incorporating what is known as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT). Formerly often referred to as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), PBMT is a cutting-edge treatment designed to help you regrow your hair or promote healthier-looking hair.

Capillus Cap

To receive all the benefits of PBMT at home, use one of our laser therapy caps. Unlike other treatments for hair thinning or loss, wearing a Capillus® laser therapy cap for just six minutes per day has no known side effects. It also does not use any invasive procedures or pharmaceuticals.

Choose from three different devices, including one of our most popular products, the CapillusUltra with 410 mW of laser energy, the CapillusPlus with up to 1010 mW of laser energy, and the CapillusPro, which provides up to 1360 mW and professional-grade treatment. No matter which device you choose, you will enjoy discreet therapy in the comfort of your home. Along with its effectiveness, the right cap for your needs will be a safe and complementary choice to your scalp massages.

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