Do At-home Laser Therapy ‘Domes’ Work?

Hair loss professionals often hear the question: Does laser hair restoration really work?Hair loss treatment products, like the Capillus272® and the Theradome, are receiving more media attention than ever before. From hair stylists to dermatologists and hair loss physicians, it seems everyone has something positive to say about laser hair therapy. Despite such widespread and positive feedback, however, it can be very difficult to find a product that is safe, effective, and proven to deliver results. Not all laser therapy caps are created equally, and some are downright dangerous. This article has been created to help patients understand the difference between Capillus and Theradome, while also providing tips for finding a safe and reliable product online.

Theradome, or Capillus®?

Some physicians recommend the Theradome to patients who suffer with hair loss. Although it appears to be similar in some ways to the Capillus272®, a side-by-side examination reveals significant differences between the two.

Capillus® Benefits

At first glance, the only visible difference between Theradome and Capillus272 Pro is one of aesthetics. While Capillus272 Pro fits discreetly under your favorite baseball cap or hat, the Theradome is a larger unit that resembles a plastic bicycle helmet. Take a closer look, and you will find even more benefits to choosing laser hair restoration with the Capillus272. More lasers. Capillus272 Pro features 272 cold laser diodes, the most for any laser therapy cap on the market. More lasers means more coverage, which some physicians believe to provide more comprehensive laser exposure to each hair follicle in need of a jump start to begin growing hair again. Discreet application. Capillus272 Pro is a semi rigid dome insert that is easily tucked beneath your favorite baseball cap or hat. In this way, your hat becomes your laser therapy cap. This is very different from the Theradome, which is too large and bulky to be used with discretion. More portable treatment. Patients love using the Capillus272 Pro while on-the-go. The Capillus272 Pro is battery-operated, making it easy to enjoy the benefits of low level laser therapy (LLLT) while at the office, in the car, on a walk, or simple doing work around the house. Backed by clinical trials. The Capillus272 Pro has been thoroughly tested in clinical trials. The result? According to Capillus Medical Director, Dr. Shelly Friedman, Capillus “is very successful in converting fine, vellus hairs to normal growing hairs.” Commenting further, Dr. Friedman explains, “Our premarketing study for FDA clearance revealed a 51% increase in terminal (growing) hair counts over the placebo device.” Shopping Tip: Many device manufacturers claim their products are backed by clinical trials. To substantiate those claims, visit and search for the product to read about actual trials and results. To view our trial and results, search “Capillus”. FDA Clearance.Perhaps most importantly, the Capillus272 Pro has received FDA Clearance for the promotion of hair regrowth in men and women who suffer with androgenic alopecia (hair loss attributable to genetic cause). Along with successful clinical trials, FDA Clearance reaffirms the safety and the efficacy of the Capillus272.

Recommended by Physicians

Don’t take our word for it. Capillus is the #1 choice among thousands of men, women, and international hair restoration experts. Visit our doctors testimonials page to watch video interviews with acclaimed hair surgeons who recommend Capillus products over other low level laser therapy (LLLT) devices, including hair transplant surgeon to the stars, Dr. Robert Leonard.

Real Patients. Natural Results.

After hearing from the experts, take a moment to watch video interviews with real men and women who have achieved results with Capillus. Visit our home page or product pages to watch video interviews, and hear patients speak firsthand about what it’s like to treat hair loss with the Capillus laser therapy cap.

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At Capillus, we’re all about hair. To learn more about our LLLT laser cap products, including the Capillus272 Pro, please call 1-888-272-9599.

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