Hair Loss: New Technology Helps Fight Hair Loss

Have you been exploring hair transplant surgery as a hair loss treatment option? You are not alone. Millions of men (and women) explore hair regrowth treatment options every year, including hair restoration. Many people worry about the pain, success and unnatural looking results that can be associated with hair plugs. To improve accuracy and to reduce follicle damage, surgeons like Dr. March Dauer, have relied on robotic assisted follicular unit extraction (FUE) for hair transplants. Now there’s a new technological advancement in FUE procedures. It’s called ARTAS® System.

Advanced Hair Restoration Technology You’ve Been Waiting For

The ARTAS Robotic System is the first and only FDA-cleared, physician-controlled, computer-assisted technology for hair transplant surgery. And for the 35 million men (and women) in the United States who are currently living with thinning hair or male patterned baldness, this could be great news. In fact, when hair loss sufferers were surveyed on the use of two non-surgical medical treatments (Minoxidiland Finasteride) they found:

  • 47% said they would spend their life savings to regain a full head of hair
  • 60% said they would rather have more hair than money or friends
  • 30% said they would give up sex if it meant they would have thinning hair

Men experiencing male pattern baldness don’t need to give up any of the above for naturally looking hair. With this latest advancement in technology, ARTAS® may be the ultimate hair regrowth treatment.

How Does ARTAS® Work

The process begins with a skilled doctor applying a local anesthetic so you won’t experience pain, just minimal discomfort. Then ARTAS® maps your hair follicles, even determining the direction of hair growth. Using complex technology it works to achieve optimal harvest results. The next step in the hair restoration process is harvesting your hair. ARTAS® uses a completely random pattern to ensure you won’t have any weird spots in the donor area, leaving a natural appearance after the graphs are complete. While it can be a timely process, the ARTAS® system speeds things up by taking about 1,000 graphs per hour. The hair is then stored until it is implanted into the recipient area.

Advantages of ARTAS®

ARTAS® is a hair mapping and extraction system with top level precision, unwavering stamina, and it even makes it virtually impossible to tell where the donor hairs have come from. Patients have reported the procedure is no more painful than a visit to the dentist, minimally invasive, and doesn’t leave a scar line on the back of your head. For the treatment of thinning hair or hair loss, getting the right information is important. There are a number of medical professionals who specialize in this treatment, such as Dr. Bernard Nusbaum in Miami.

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