How LLLT Fits Easily into Your Routine

Beginning a hair loss treatment program is intimidating. On one hand, the thought of thick, lustrous locks is enticing. However, undergoing invasive treatments or taking prescription pills comes with risks, hefty time investments and long-term costs. Luckily, a safe and noninvasive hair restoration practice called low-level laser therapy (LLLT) eliminates numerous disadvantages seen in other treatments. Consider the following ways in which LLLT with Capillus® seamlessly fits into your weekly routine:

1. Hands-Free, Clean Application

One of the most celebrated aspects of LLLT treatment for hair loss is ease of use. While Capillus® laser caps are totally hands-free, allowing patients to go about their day without worry, not every LLLT product on the market delivers the same straightforwardness. Laser combs, for instance, force hair loss patients to consistently run the product through their hair during the application period. Further, while hair loss bands stay in place, they only cover a limited number of follicles on the scalp. Meanwhile, Capillus® laser caps do not require any use of the harms or hands aside from placement. Finally, there’s no clean-up involved. Compared to minoxidil, also known as Rogaine, Capillus® LLLT caps eliminate messy and cumbersome applications and don’t require clean-up afterward.

2. Portability

The majority of hair loss treatments can’t be done while running errands – except for LLLT caps, of course. While hair restoration surgery requires appointments and healing downtime, LLLT treatment can be done virtually anywhere you wish. And, compared to in-office laser domes, Capillus® laser caps are worn in the comfort of home. As previously noted, topical treatments like minoxidil can spill and create messes, and many topical foam products require twice daily applications. Each Capillus® laser cap includes a rechargeable battery pack to be used anywhere for approximately 6 minutes, every day.

3. Proven Results

LLLT for hair loss has been studied for years with many academics attesting to its abilities in combatting hair loss. One study from 2013concluded that LLLT for hair growth in both men and women appears to be both safe and effective. In independent clinical trials, Capillus® caps increased hair count by up to 51 percent, further attesting to the effectiveness of laser treatment for androgenic alopecia.

4. No Known Side Effects

Most women opt for topical treatments for hair loss, including LLLT, because prescription medications are dangerous for consumption and even handling. While finasteride is safe and effective for male patterned baldness, females suffering from androgenic alopecia are typically dissuaded from the drug. Because finasteride blocks DHT conversion, thereby decreasing hormone balances in the body, pregnant women or women who plan to become pregnant cannot use finasteride tablets without running the risk of fetal malformations. However, LLLT is safe for everyone and is a top choice of hair loss treatment among women in particular. At Capillus, we understand how valuable your time is and how busy life becomes. Instead of letting hair loss impact your routine any further, our goal is to make restoration as easy and effective as possible. For more information on Capillus® products, call us at 844-280-4680 to jumpstart your path toward hair restoration.

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