Product Spotlight: Why We Love the Cap+ Clinical Hair Therapy Bundle

Everyone wants full, beautiful hair and a healthy scalp. If you are someone who is experiencing the effects of hair loss or trying to prevent it, you need a reliable solution for both scalp health and hair regrowth. There are many different types of hair therapy out there, but the best products consider your hair anatomy and scalp health.

Our CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy Bundle is popular because it uses ingredients that work to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize hair for overall scalp health. Best of all, it can also be used in conjunction with laser products for hair regrowth.

The product spotlight below will give you more information about our CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy Bundle. You will also learn how you can use the regimen in conjunction with our CapillusProTM laser cap. When combined, these products can help both men and women supercharge their hair regrowth.

CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy Shampoo

One of our most popular clinical hair therapy products is our hair therapy shampoo. Start your hair health regimen with a gentle yet effective cleanser that exfoliates the scalp and removes buildup. In a matter of seconds, you will wash away environmental pollutants, which have been linked to hair loss. You will also rinse away styling products and excess sebum. Thanks to the lower pH purifying formula, it is safe enough for both chemically treated and color-treated hair.

There are also no harsh sulfates in the ingredients, so the shampoo will never strip away essential oils. Benefit from a blend of antioxidants and other therapeutic elements that help to drive blood and oxygen to hair follicles. With regular use, you may even notice thicker, more volumized hair.

CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy Conditioner

After our clinical hair therapy shampoo, it is time for our hydrating conditioner. Infused with therapeutic ingredients like botanicals, nutrients, and argan oil, this formula retains moisture to keep hair soft and shiny. While the conditioner is especially restorative and nourishing, it is also lightweight. While you rinse clean every time, your hair will also feel more bouncy and manageable.

Our conditioner is also safe enough for color and chemically treated hair. It is also free of parabens. For best results, apply the product throughout the hair, using your fingers to gently comb it from root to tip. You can also use a comb if needed. Rinse thoroughly so you can prepare for the next steps in your new hair regimen.

CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy Revitalizer

Our CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy Revitalizer is designed to remove the excess buildup that can clog hair follicles and inhibit hair growth. The formula immediately gets to work, deeply cleansing, exfoliating, and releasing sebum and perspiration. It is also an excellent way to relieve your hair of the effects of air pollution.

To get the most benefits from this product, apply it to your scalp after shampooing 2-3 times per week. Massage it gently into your scalp and allow it to penetrate for about a minute. Rinse thoroughly and follow with the CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy Conditioner treatment.

CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy Activator

Now that you have thoroughly cleansed and conditioned your hair, it is time to further fortify and enrich your scalp. The CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy Activator is a leave-in treatment in the form of a serum. Like the other hair products, it is infused with a special blend of scientifically formulated antioxidants and nutrients.

Both men and women like it because it gives them stronger, thicker-looking hair. With regular use, you can help to restore your hair’s strength and elasticity. Since it contains no parabens and no sulfate, you can feel good about putting it on your hair each day. Use it on damp or towel-dried hair after you get out of the bath or shower. Style your hair as you wish or let it air dry.

Promoting Hair Growth with Clinical Hair Therapy

Now you know just how the CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy Bundle can help with hair loss and hair regrowth. Each step in the system will work to nourish your scalp and grow healthier locks. When you use this bundle in conjunction with our laser therapy caps, you will further promote healthier, fuller hair. You will also help to prevent excessive hair loss. Purchase each of these products directly from our website. In just minutes per day, you will be able to complete your hair therapy regimen in the comfort of your home.


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