What is the Normal Amount of Hair Loss for Women?

Did you know that the average lifespan of a single hair is 4.5 years; the hair then falls out and is replaced within 6 months by a new hair. Typically a woman will lose roughly around 50 to 100 hairs a day. If you are the average woman and have roughly 100,000 hairs on your head, 50 hairs aren’t even noticeable. But, what if you are a woman who no longer has 100,000 hairs on her head or your hair is thinning, brittle or breaks easily? Then is losing 50 to 100 hairs still considered normal? The answer depends on the cause of your hair loss. In an age where there are few taboo subjects that haven’t been talked about on national television shows, one still remains –female hair loss. Part of the reason for the silence may be that balding and thinning hair is often associated with men, and hair loss and treatments for women are not talked about as freely. As a result, women don’t often what is normal and what isn’t.

Men and women experience hair loss differently

Female hair loss is complicated. For starters, there can be a variety of reasons women lose their hair that don’t affect men or affect men differently. For example, hormonal changes, diet, hair products such as dyes, hot dryer, straighteners, and curling irons can all wreck havoc on a woman’s hair leading to breakage and thinning hair. In addition, there are the psychological effects of female hair loss. In studies, younger men tend to feel more emotional about their thinning hair. As they get older there is a certain acceptance men have about this issue. Women on the other hand identify with their hair. It is a part of their self image. For women, hair loss is one ‘beauty problem’ she can’t instantly fix with a trip to the beauty store. Ultimately, when a woman notices her hair is thinning or she sees a bald patch on her head, she feels humiliated, embarrassed, shocked, and powerless.

Are you losing more hair than you should?

To determine if you should consult with a doctor or wait, it’s helpful to understand the normal process of hair growth. The hair follicle (that portion of your hair that sits below the skin’s surface) is responsible for producing the hair shaft (the portion of hair that is visible). Each follicle of your hair will undergo a continuous slow growth cycle. This cycle consists of a growth phase, a regeneration phase, and a resting phase. At any given time the majority of your hair is in the growth phase.

When to worry

There are many things that can interfere with the normal cycle of hair growth including medication, illness, infection, or chemicals. In most of these situations your hair does regrow. However, in some cases your hair may stop forming properly.

Hair regrowth treatment for women

When to seek treatment. According to American Hair Loss Association many women notice some hair thinning in their 50s or 60s, but it can happen at any age and for a variety of reasons. There are hair loss treatments for women available. The type of treatment that may be right for you will depend on many factors including the type of hair loss and the reason. For chronic conditions, over-the-counter treatments may help stop your hair thinning and may even regrow hair. Laser hair treatments have been very effective in addressing hair loss in women. Don’t let fear, shame, or embarrassment stop you from talking to a medical professional. We encourage you to find out what the best treatment options are available to you. To learn about hair regrowth treatments options or to locate a Capillus specialist in your area click here or call Capillus for more information at (786) 888 6249 or Toll-Free at 1 (888) 272-9599.

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