Capillus Light Therapy Cap Featured in Modern Salon Magazine

Modern Salon Highlights Capillus, LLC Stylist Program at Annual HAIR + Summit Conference

Modern Salon magazine has featured Capillus LLC, during their annual HAIR + Summit live event dedicated to helping salon professionals provide their clients with solutions for hair loss and thinning. The story focuses on how Capillus laser therapy caps play a major role for stylist and salon clients in the reversal of hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia.

The article, which appeared in the magazine’s online platform, highlights Capillus by stating: “In an intimate breakout session, Capillus shared details on their Stylist Program, offering their laser therapy caps designed to prevent progression of hair loss and regrow thinning hair.”

As Carly Klein, national educator for Capillus states in the article: “Up until recently, Capillus laser therapy caps were only cleared for sale by the FDA through medical professionals,” Klein continues, “Our Stylist Program means we can now be sold through salons and stylists, too.”

In addition to highlighting Capillus’s hair restoration efforts, this year’s HAIR + Summit featured the new comfortable flexible fit Capillus cap with continuous wave light delivery. This new advancement vastly reduces the users wear time from 30 minutes every other day to 6 minutes daily. The new technology now provides users with a continuous wave output for a faster treatment. All Capillus mobile laser therapy caps are available for legal distribution by salons and stylists as per FDA clearance.

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