• 100% Natural Fragrance 100% Natural Fragrance

  • Sulfate & Parabens Free Sulfate & Parabens Free

  • 99% Natural Active Ingredients 99% Natural Active Ingredients

  • Scientifically Tested Ingredients Scientifically Tested Ingredients

Kit Infused with Powerful Natural Ingredients

Our hair care synergy kit combines these powerful ingredients to deliver a comprehensive solution for all your hair care needs. The shampoo deeply cleanses, removing impurities and build-up. The conditioner smooths and softens, making your hair easier to manage. The serum targets the scalp, providing essential nutrients that promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss.

The Perfect Blend for Hair Health

The Capillus Hair Care Line is more than just a set of products—it's a commitment to healthier, fuller hair. By incorporating natural ingredients and focusing on scalp health, we've created a hair care routine that truly makes a difference.

  • Shampoo
    Anti-Residue Formula

    Formulated to remove product build-up, excess oil, and environmental pollutants from your scalp and hair strands.

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  • Conditioner
    Protect, Repair & Hydrate

    Sealing formula for dry and damaged hair & split ends. Essential to restore and nourish your hair

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  • Serum
    Enrich Formula

    A powerful formula that has been scientifically tested to help strengthen hair follicles and promote hair growth.

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Complete your hair loss treatment

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    We’re giving our used caps a new life

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