3 Tips to Preventing Hair Loss While Dieting

Many people make a resolution to lose weight at the beginning of a new year or when summer calls for more form-fitting apparel. However, dieting can cause more than normal hair loss. So, here are some tips to help you keep your hair while you’re shedding the pounds.

1.Go Slowly

Crash diets and rapid weight loss are bad for your hair. Resolve to lose weight slowly, with no more than a pound or two per week. Fast weight loss is a major stressful event for your body and your hair and is a known cause of hair loss. No matter what type of weight loss program you want to follow, you can endeavor to lose weight slowly.

2.Get Enough Nutrients

We know that deficiencies in certain nutrients play a role in hair loss. But we also know that supplementing with vitamins needs to be done carefully because too much of some nutrients can also cause hair loss. So, how do you diet and get enough nutrients? By eating a variety of foods, especially colorful ones and the less processing, the better. There is a terrific free website that allows you to see a very detailed analysis of what you eat called Cronometer.

Specifically, getting enough protein is critical. Your hair follicles need protein to produce hair. Also, getting enough calories for basic body functions is important. So, go slowly and proceed with caution

3.Incorporate Other Healthy Hair Habits

Try doing some of the things we recommend for promoting healthy hair while you’re dieting like incorporating a regular daily scalp massage, washing and rinsing your hair with water that is not scalding hot, and starting or continuing to use any of our hair growth products like our laser cap. Also, be sure to include some pumpkin and pumpkin seeds in whatever diet you’re on.

Please note: Our articles are for informational purposes only, and we always recommend seeing a family doctor if you have sudden or increasing hair loss.

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