Can I Travel with my Capillus Laser Cap on an Airplane?

This is a question that we receive frequently with the holiday season approaching. Yes, you absolutely can take your Capillus Laser Cap on an airplane, and, in fact, we encourage you to do so. No matter where you’re going or how you’re traveling, take your cap with you.

One Caveat—be sure to carry on your battery. The battery pack contains a lithium-ion battery. TSA restrictions do not allow lithium-ion batteries to go in checked baggage, so it’s important that you carry the battery pack on the plane. So, remember, even if you put the cap in your checked baggage, carry on the battery pack. For long flights, you will want to carry on the whole thing because you’ll want to wear the cap during the flight.

In any medical treatment, patient compliance is one of the biggest obstacles. So, we want you to take you Capillus Laser Cap everywhere you go. You want no interruption in your treatment schedule for the best results. Your cap won’t do you any good if it sits in a drawer at home.

Depending on your airline and your seat, you may even have an AC outlet at your seat that you can use to charge your battery pack. Feel free to wear your cap on the plane: the cap is comfortable and attractive. No one will know what the cap is for unless you explain it to them.

There are no excuses for interrupting your treatment. The cap is designed to be light, easy to take everywhere, comfortable on your head, and simple to operate, everything needed for an active lifestyle. Don’t fret about messing up your treatment schedule; take the cap everywhere.

We even have a special carrying case for your cap available that will fit neatly into your carry-on bag.

Everyone at Capillus wishes you the happiest of holiday seasons—with lots of new and thicker hair.

If you have any questions about treatment for hair loss or any of our products, we encourage you to call us directly at (844) 280-4680.

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