Capillus FAQ: Is it Safe to Use Other Hair Loss Treatments with Capillus?

A question that we are frequently asked is whether it’s safe to use other hair growth products along with our products or use several different hair growth products at the same time. The answer is almost always yes.

Some hair growth products require a prescription. These include androgen blockers like cimetidine and finasteride, which we talked about briefly in a recent article. For drugs requiring a prescription, you would definitely want to discuss it with the doctor prescribing the medication.

Aside from that example, above, many of the other products can be used in combination, and, in fact, using hair growth products in combination is often recommended for better and faster results. The advantage of using several treatments in combination is that different treatments target different aspects of hair loss, so, using more than one treatment is a multi-pronged solution.

For example, our Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) caps work well in combination with a topical treatment like minoxidil and/or an oral drug. Even if you have surgery for hair replacement, your surgeon will likely tell you that using the cap is fine once your scalp starts to heal.

Our shampoo, which has dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blockers in it, can be used with most any other treatment except if you have just had surgery, in which case talk to your physician first. So, you could use the shampoo and the cap and a topical or oral drug.
Then, in addition to oral or topical medication and the right shampoo and the laser caps, there are all the other things you can do to help your hair. You can eat well and make sure you’re getting enough protein and trace minerals. We recommend trying to relieve stress with, for example, regular exercise or meditation. You should get enough sleep and not carry around a bunch of sleep debt. All of these suggestions will help your hair growth in ways that are not fully understood.

In 2019 there are lots of methods to combat hair loss, and new research into hair loss and hair regrowth is happening all the time. Be optimistic, and start treatment for hair loss when you first start to notice it. Treatment is always easier and more effective when the hair follicles are first starting to malfunction.

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