Essential Laser Cap Care & Cleaning Tips

If you’ve purchased and begun using a Capillus laser hair therapy device, it’s likely that you’re already noticing the improvements of your scalp and hair health. Capillus laser caps, which utilize groundbreaking low-level laser therapy treatment, work to restore the health of thinning, patchy, weakened hair. For anyone suffering from male or female-pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) or hair loss brought on by diet, medical prescription, or stress; the benefits of laser hair growth has been proven in clinical trials. A safe and effective treatment method, laser hair regrowth can help to bring your hair back to a state of health you might have once known.

Since purchasing your Capillus laser cap, you may have already found it to be effective. It’s likely that you’re following instructions—using the cap for just six minutes each day—and know how easy it is to both use and wear. However, you might have some underlying questions about your laser hair growth cap such as “How do I properly care for my device?”

If you’re someone who has worn baseball caps in the past, you probably have a preferred method of cleaning and storing that has worked for you thus far in life. Maybe you wash your cap in the sink, toss it into your washing machine with some towels, or don’t wash it at all. Perhaps you store it on a hook in your closet or have it on at all times and don’t really think about it.

Any of these methods might work for a baseball cap, but would they work for a Capillus laser cap? Is it dangerous to store your cap just anywhere? And would it be incorrect to wash a cap filled with such fine laser diodes? The truth is you can clean your cap. More importantly, take some simple steps to ensure your cap is regularly clean, and that you’re getting the most out of your daily treatment sessions.

Cleaning Your Capillus Laser Cap

You can effectively clean your Capillus laser cap, but there are a few steps that should be followed prior to cleaning. First, always confirm that your laser hair growth cap is turned off prior to cleaning. This means turning off the battery pack and disconnecting the USB power connection so there is no power being supplied to the cap. This is a must, as cleaning the cap while it is connected to power can damage your cap indefinitely.

When cleaning your cap, use a clean, soft, damp cloth or an alcohol-based cleansing wipe. Whichever you use, ensure there is not an excessive amount of liquid on the wipe, as lingering moisture can damage the diodes and electronics of the device. Be gentle when cleansing the cap, and, most of all, NEVER immerse the cap in water.

Keeping Your Capillus Laser Cap Clean Prior to Use

One of the best ways to maintain your Capillus laser cap is to keep your scalp clean prior to every use. Not only will a dirty scalp get the inside of your cap dirty, but it will lessen the effectiveness of your laser hair regrowth therapy. We recommend cleaning your hair of any debris—chemicals, oils, dirt—prior to treatment. At Capillus, we offer clinical hair care products designed to clean your hair directly at the root. These products range from an activator, shampoo, conditioner to revitalizer; all to supplement your hair regrowth for the most effective results.


As an added bonus, your clean scalp will keep your laser cap just as clean, letting you get the most out of every treatment while protecting the overall condition of your cap. Once your laser hair growth cap has been cleansed and air dried, you should consider storing your cap somewhere safe where it cannot be damaged. Consider storing it in the provided carrying case to ensure security.

Purchasing a Capillus laser cap is an investment in your hair, and you should treat the cap as such. Take the effort to keep it clean. Doing so will help you get the most out of every treatment.

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