Give the Gift of Hair Growth: 6 Reasons Why the Capillus Cap is a Great Gift Idea

Do you know a friend, family member, or loved one who is struggling with early stages of hair loss? Watching large strands of intertwined hair collect in your shower drain or seeing thinning and receding around your hairline can induce a great deal of stress. Any of your loved ones, particularly the aging men in your life, might be wholly unaware of useful treatment methods available nowadays that work! And here’s a fun fact: You can be the savior they didn’t know they needed. At Capillus, we’re all about hair and hair regrowth.

Our laser caps are designed to effectively induce hair regrowth in those struggling with androgenic alopecia and thinning hair. Let’s explore the signs of hair loss and just why a Capillus Laser Cap is the perfect gift.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a common occurrence that affects millions of men around the globe every year. The fortunate, and unfortunate, thing for men is that male pattern baldness is just that—a pattern. This means it can be easily identified and treated at an early stage—doctors and scientists rely on the Hamilton-Norwood classification scale to determine the stage of hair loss in men. While male pattern baldness can be easily spotted, once it’s noticed it can affect one’s confidence and life.

Change in Your Hairline

This is one of the most identifiable signs of hair loss in men, and it will usually be the first that is instantly noticeable. Changes in hairline often begin at the temples, where hair will thin until the hairline starts flattening and receding into a noticeable “M” shape.

If you’re unsure if your hairline has begun receding, consider taking old photographs and comparing your hairline from before to today. This basic comparison can help you identify whether your hairline has shifted over time.

If you do not have any older photos currently on hand, you should take a few “before” photos and watch your hairline over the next few months. Take photos under adequate lighting to make sure your hairline is as noticeable as possible, allowing you to effectively track potential hair loss.

Thinning of Your Hair

While overall scalp thinning is more common in women, male pattern baldness often causes what is called diffuse thinning—balding that affects specific areas of the scalp, either on the top or back of the head. Similar to tracking the changes in a receding hairline, inspecting your thinning hair is as simple as comparing old photos with current photos. Furthermore, you can also regularly check the condition of your hair in a wall-mounted mirror or hand-held mirror to determine the thickness of your hair.

Hair Loss When Showering or Brushing

We all notice some hair loss when showering—washing or conditioning our hair—and brushing our hair before leaving home. However, excessive hair loss from either of these activities should be a reason for concern. If there is a great deal of hair collecting in your shower drain or piling up in your hairbrush, it’s possible that you’re struggling with some type of hair loss, which, if not treated, can only get worse.

What to Do About Hair Loss

Hair loss can be concerning for many as they age, and understandably so. Our hair is a vital part of our overall physical presentation to others. A messy bedhead look can give off the appearance of being unkempt and ill-suited for professional situations, whereas neatly styled hair can present an air of attractiveness to anyone meeting you for the first time. Overly styled hair can appear unbecoming and stark, like a face wearing far too much makeup.

Hair loss is a struggle for many people, particularly for the aging effects it has. Hair loss can lead to a man looking older without looking more distinguished. And, in many cases, it can lead to a man's loss in self-confidence. They are always aware of their hair loss, making it a sore spot for their ego.

Thankfully in modern society, there are many solutions available, so hair loss can be effectively reversed. If someone you know has been struggling with hair loss, you should consider sending them to their primary care physician or dermatologist to discuss treatment options. Or even better, you can give them the gift of hair regrowth this holiday season.

Laser Hair Growth Technology

While there are numerous types of treatments for hair regrowth, from salves to surgical options, there has not proven to be a more efficient non-pharmaceutical treatment than laser hair therapy.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Treatment

  • Low-level light therapy is a clinically proven hair loss treatment used to fight pattern baldness in both men and women.
  • Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) is a therapeutic treatment that has been widely studied in past years. It has been shown to effectively treat a wide range of conditions, including male pattern baldness, particularly for men with Hamilton-Norwood IIa-V stages of hair loss.

Accepted scientific theories show that LLLT, when utilizing wavelengths of light in the visible range, particularly red light, positively induces hair regrowth. The scientific theory states that laser hair growth treatment activates cytochrome c oxidase and increases mitochondrial electron transport, which leads to an increase in ATP within the scalp. Subsequently, hair follicles will reverse from their dormant stage of growth (telogen) to the active growth stage (anagen), leading to effective hair regrowth now and in the future.

While there are numerous types of LLLT devices available on the market, from combs to skull caps, scientific studies have shown that products with the most effective results are ones with a high-concentration of laser diodes. This is due to the scientific nature of laser diodes, which emit unfocused light until stopped by a surface, at which point they will distribute and scatter light until it disperses completely. This effectively means that laser light, which is emitted with a specific intensity, will travel from its source until it comes in contact with a surface and its intensity decreases due to scattering—i.e., loss of momentum.

If a device has a lesser number of lasers, or less directed lasers—all which can easily scatter across a short distance—there will be less light coming in contact with the skin. This means that treatment will not be as effective. For devices such as laser combs, this is bad news. But, for the Capillus laser caps, this is great news, as the high-density of laser diodes utilized means that you’ll get the most effective form of laser hair growth treatment available.

Reasons They’ll Love the Capillus Cap

There are many reasons to love the Capillus laser caps, but here are a few reasons why customers love the products.

1. Slim battery makes for hands-free use.

With a lightweight, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack providing power, the Capillus hair regrowth caps are designed for use on the go. Whereas traditional hair regrowth caps will require you to be seated next to an electrical outlet or connected to a large, generator-like machine, Capillus laser caps are designed to let you live unhindered.

The small battery pack can be easily stored in your pocket or beneath your waistband to let you continue treatment anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re sitting at your desk working, making dinner for family, or out walking your dog, you can wear your Capillus cap and undertake your treatment as it fits your schedule.

2. Easy to use and transport.

The Capillus laser hair regrowth caps are designed to suit your lifestyle. The caps are designed to be worn comfortably, allowing you to complete your treatments during a cup of morning coffee or while tidying up the house before getting some shut eye.

Rather than standing out and being noticeable to friends or family, you can wear the Capillus cap easily beneath your favorite baseball cap. This is perfect for anyone, especially those who are self-conscious about the current state of their hair. The cap’s discreetness allows people to make positive changes without bringing unwanted attention to the condition of their hair.

3. Takes only six minutes a day.

Male pattern baldness is a tough condition to deal with, and it can easily get the upper hand over you. Prevention is key to overcoming hereditary hair loss, but can feel stressful when trying to do so—as if you don’t have the time or resources to truly take on male pattern baldness.

The Capillus cap is designed to remove any worries over time. In just six minutes a day, you can effectively undertake laser hair regrowth treatment while wearing an inconspicuous, lightweight, ergonomic laser cap. Rather than having to sit idly and slowly pull a laser comb through your hair with extreme care, you can wear one of the Capillus laser caps and begin daily treatment in just six minutes, all without having to impede your schedule.

4. Clinically proven to restore hair.

When used as advised, Capillus laser hair regrowth caps have been shown to be both safe and effective for treating both male and female pattern baldness. Clinical studies show that Capillus laser caps have been found to have reduced hair loss by while increasing hair regrowth. Those who use a Capillus laser cap should expect to see results. Whether stopping hair loss in its tracks or inducing hair regrowth, the Capillus laser cap can help restore the health and condition of formerly lost hair while improving overall confidence in one’s outward appearance.

5. FDA-cleared treatment for hair loss.

Our line of laser hair therapy caps has been cleared by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for hair regrowth in people struggling with androgenic alopecia. The FDA determined that, clinically, Capillus laser therapy caps can be considered, and marketed, as medical devices, so they can be legally sold in the U.S. as such. It is an honor to receive such a clearance, as it means that the Capillus caps are trusted even by the highest medical and scientific U.S. governmental committees. This ensures that customers receive a reliable product that is trusted to provide the medical treatment as described. When giving this gift, you’re giving the gift of treatment assurance.

6. 12-month satisfaction guarantee.

Although cleared by the FDA and shown to be a safe and effective treatment, one still might not be satisfied with such a gift—you can never know what a person wants most! If the person you’re giving this to is simply not sure about the laser cap, they’re welcome to return the cap to us here at Capillus. All purchases include a 12-month satisfaction guarantee, meaning they can return the product any time up until 1 year after purchase.

Which Capillus Cap Will Work Best?


The CapillusUltra model is our most value-priced device available. Featuring a total output of 410 mW, this cap is great for anyone just beginning hair regrowth treatment looking for something to increase the quality of their hairline.


Featuring a total output of 1010mw, 2.5 times more output than the CapillusUltra, the CapillusPlus offers greater scalp coverage that can lead to a greater amount of hair regrowth, effectively treating any stage of hair loss.


Our premier cap, the CapillusPro features a total output of 1360 mW, making it the device with the greatest coverage to treat and manage male pattern baldness.

This holiday season give the gift of confidence. A Capillus laser cap can reawaken the way one of your loved ones looks at themselves, feeling better about the condition of their hair and standing a little taller while doing so.

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