How Is Capillus Better Than Our Competitors?


We know you have options. Hair growth technology is expensive and the choice you make is not one to be taken lightly.

First of all, we know you are doing your research, and you are correct in doing so: not all low-level laser therapies (LLLT) are equal. In this hair growth medical field, words like “light technology” (LED’s, infrared light) and “laser diode technology” are often interchanged for sales and marketing purposes, aiming to mislead the consumer on a highly complex topic.

There are competitor devices that sell for hundreds of dollars less than ours, but most of these mix LEDs or infrared bulbs with laser diodes to increase the number of lights on their devices. No association or agency is responsible for correcting these misleading messages being sold to consumers, which makes matters more confusing.

The first way to know what you are buying is by looking at the price points. If the device has 100s of lights but is less than $200, chances are there is most of those lights that are NOT medical-grade laser diodes.

These “language” details matter at the time of your research because you want your money to be justified, and your hair story to be the best it can be. Why pay $300 for lights that do not perform as well as laser diodes?

If it’s a financial decision, that’s one thing, but if you want to explore your options, do so with all the information you need to make the best choice. Here at Capillus, we offer affirm financing*, which is a great option to pay as you grow, using the best technology available.

Why Laser Diodes Are Better for Hair Restoration than LED’s or Infrared Light

The depth of light penetration on the scalp is EVERYTHING for hair restoration and low-level laser treatments, especially home use devices. Laser diode light is cohesive, which means direct, like a laser pointer. LEDs and infrareds are made up of scattered light, and then a lens is put on it to “direct” the light. Even with the lens, this scattered light will never reach the depths of the laser diode bulb and will not provide the same results in the same amount of time.

Read more about LLLT technology here.

Compare Capillus to the Competition

Retaining the youthful appearance of your hairline is our goal at Capillus, and we do that by combining science and beauty to strengthen hair at a cellular level. Our caps help reverse the follicle’s thinning process and deliver oxygenation to nourish your scalp for healthier growth. That’s why we design our devices with 100% laser diode technology, with not a single bulb of anything other than the best technology to assist in your hair growth journey.

The language used to describe each product was taken from the official websites of each device. We innovate; they imitate. See how below:

100% Medical-Grade Laser Diodes

Material In Cap

Portable Battery

No. of Laser Diodes


Treatment Use



Uses Medical-Grade Lasers Diodes

Medical-Grade LaserFlex Silicone


Three Models 82 - 202 - 272

YES Interchangeable sports cap.

Six Minutes a Day.



Uses Lasers and LEDs



82 Lasers & 200 Red LEDs


Hard helmet plastic exterior.

Every other day for 25-minute sessions.

Regrow MD


Uses High Quality Laser Diodes

Plastic & Silicone




Sports cap.

30 minutes, every other day.



Medical-Grade Lasers

Skin-comfort silicone


80 – 202 - 272


15- 30-Minute Treatment Time, 3 Days A Week.

Like what you hear? Find the Capillus Cap that’s right for you.

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

*AFFIRM UNIVERSAL DISCLOSURE: Rates between 10-30% APR with a promotional rate of 0% APR for qualified customers. Subject to credit check and approval. Down payment may be required. Payment amount depends on your purchase amount. Estimated payment amount excludes taxes and shipping fees. Previous purchases are not eligible for offer. Affirm loans made by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

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