Is Magnesium Good for Hair Growth?

When researching hair care, it's common to read about the medications, shampoos, conditioners and even devices like Capillus that can help your hair and scalp stay healthy. What hardly gets recognition are the minerals and vitamins that work just as hard to keep your hair looking great. In today's blog, we'll be discussing how magnesium can be used to not just improve scalp health, but also be integral to the formation of proteins that can lead to new hair growth.

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How Does Magnesium Help With Hair Growth?

As the earth's eighth most abundant element, magnesium can be found nearly everywhere. From rocks and crops, to nuts and fish, it's hard to not consume any magnesium. However, in order for your body to function properly, you need magnesium. There are other articles and books you can read that dive deeper into the other health benefits of magnesium, but for today we'll be discussing how magnesium can be used to help with hair growth. It can achieve this by doing two tasks: Kickstart the protein synthesis process and remove calcium buildup on the scalp. Magnesium is an element that is essential to the creation of new proteins, and one of those proteins is keratin. Keratin makes up 95% of your hair, so having a constant supply of magnesium can lead to the development of more hair. This is just half of what magnesium can do for your hair. By placing special magnesium solutions on your scalp, this can break up calcium buildup that has occurred over time from your shower. Calcium buildup comes from hard water. Hard water is water that contains a lot of minerals. In this case, there is a lot of calcium in the shower's water that hits your head and starts to build up. Magnesium can dissolve this calcium and alleviate any stress that was placed on the hair follicle.

How To Use Magnesium for Hair Growth

Before going out and buying everything and anything that claims to have magnesium in it, we recommend consulting a doctor to receive the best advice on how to move forward. Otherwise, here are the two main ways on how you can use magnesium to help you grow hair. There are sprays and oil that you can rub into your scalp and there are also supplements that you can take to get the magnesium into your body for maximum absorption. You can pick up magnesium tablets from grocery stores, drug stores, and convenience stores. You can order magnesium oils and sprays online through different retailers.

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Benefits of Magnesium for Hair Growth

So, in summary, the reasons why you should use magnesium for promoting hair growth are:

  • -Scientifically proven results on how magnesium is integral to the creation of protein that makes up 95% of your hair.
  • -Magnesium helps remove calcium buildup that may accumulate in your hair through mineral rich hard water.
  • -Magnesium supplements are readily available and can be obtained through most stores.
  • -Magnesium solutions and sprays are available online for purchase and delivery at any time.

Will I Lose Hair if I'm Deficient in Magnesium? How Do I Know if I'm Deficient?

Magnesium deficiency can be bad for your future hair growth. Magnesium is the mineral that allows calcium to dissolve properly and not cause buildup, so if there is no magnesium intake - there will be more calcium buildup, and this will block more hair from growing and cause damage to the hair follicles. Not to mention that a lack of magnesium can mean less production of keratin.

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How Can I restore My Hair?

Hair restoration can be achieved through many methods. We discussed here one way to keep your hair healthy and to maintain the hair production process through magnesium. There are shampoos, conditioners, and supplements you can purchase that can help maintain your health even more. You can also look into laser therapy caps like Capillus which are clinically proven to help prevent hair loss. Using our laser hair growth caps along with magnesium can help you achieve the fuller and healthier hair.

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