How Much Hair Loss Is Normal When Washing or Styling Hair?

Despite your best efforts, your hair will go through daily wear and tear. A few strands may fall out as you wash or style. Some hair loss can even occur during certain seasons. Since the scalp and hair are sensitive to damage, educating yourself about proper hair care is important. The more you learn about how your lifestyle and routine can affect your personal hair health, the quicker you can find solutions to healthier hair and hair regrowth. In some cases, you can also help to prevent the effects of hair loss.

It’s also useful to learn what negative hair health looks like. Noticing the warning signs of unhealthy hair can help to delay or even reverse some of the most common hair challenges. This article will go over each of your treatment options, so you’re able to curb hair loss or dull-looking hair as soon as possible.

How Can Washing or Styling Cause Hair Loss?

How much hair loss is normal when washing hair? A little is fine. In fact, a small portion of your hair detaches from your head on a daily basis. While this may seem alarming, it’s actually a part of your body’s natural growth and shedding process. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the average man or woman could lose up to 100 hairs from their head per day. You may notice this occurs when you’re washing your hair since the shampooing can work to coax the strands away from your head.

Hair also commonly falls out while you comb or brush. Even if your scalp is healthy, expect to see a few strands come off your head at this time. Brushing harder or faster than normal can make more hair come out. Should you notice excess hair or clumps of hair, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your doctor.

How Does Weather Affect My Hair?

Some people notice different degrees of hair loss depending on the weather. If you’re seeing hair come out more in the fall or winter months, this is often referred to as seasonal hair loss. Why do you have more loose strands in the cooler seasons of the year? Researchers think it may be because the body holds onto more hair in the summer to provide protection from the sun. When it gets cooler and you’re not facing as much UV risk, your scalp will compensate by relieving itself of the excess hair.

If you see the most hair loss in autumn, it could also be because your head is preparing for thicker locks to come in the winter. While you’re shopping for sweaters and jackets, your body is giving you more natural warmth as well. Whatever the reason, it’s possible to have a different look to your hair during different parts of the year.

What Else Leads to Hair Loss?

There’s no reason to panic if you lose some hair due to brushing or washing. It’s also no cause for worry if your hair is thicker in the spring or summer. There are reasons to take a second look at excessive hair loss, however. When your hair is in poor condition, you may notice some of the most typical signs of poor hair health. These include a dull appearance, split ends, and thinning.

According to MedicineNet, some common causes of excessive hair loss include hormone changes after pregnancy, medical conditions such as thyroid disease or anemia, and stress. You can also lose a lot of hair from your scalp due to genetic factors, recovering from illness, or from protein deficiency. When you suspect there could be a physical or medical reason for your hair loss, make an appointment with your doctor. In cases of conditions such as either female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness, there are a variety of over-the-counter products available to you.

How to Improve Your Hair Health

There are many reasons for excessive hair loss, but each one can be concerning to the person experiencing it. Thankfully, there are ways to promote your own hair regrowth in the comfort of your home. One possible solution is photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), formerly often referred to as low-level laser therapy.

This medical application of laser science has benefits such as stimulating cellular function, promoting healing, and reducing inflammation. Since it has also been shown to be effective in energizing and stimulating cells within the hair follicle, it can even work to reverse the effects of hair loss and promote hair growth in people with female or male pattern baldness, as well as for people who would like to see healthier-looking hair.

Here at Capillus®, we offer a suite of laser therapy caps and hair products to help get healthier hair. Our CapillusProTM is unique because it is the world’s first FDA-cleared, clinically proven laser therapy cap to treat hair loss. As an added benefit, our laser therapy caps look just like a regular hat. Wear it anytime you want, including while relaxing at home or driving in your car.


Our laser therapy caps pair especially well with our Cap+® Hair Care Products for overall scalp health. They’re a convenient way to help prevent hair loss and encourage the regrowth of hair, no matter when a degree of hair loss begins. We recommend our clinical hair therapy bundle, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, revitalizer, and activator regimen. While targeting all the most important aspects of healthy hair growth, it’ll also provide you with the most savings.


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