Tech Launch: CapillusOne Beauty Report

What The BeautyPros Are Talking Saying About Hair Growth

The launch of CapillusOne is the BIGGEST announcement of the year. This is KEY for those people looking for PREVENTION, whether young or old. This Cap has all of the favorite features that you love about the Capillus caps But now has 112 diodes for the same price as before, which used to have only 82 diodes.

If you love beauty, chances are you love the hair too. Time is kind to many things, but not to anyone's hair follicles. No matter your race, culture, upbringing, or background, hair loss will affect you at some point in your life. That's why we asked beauty expert Laura Dale to break down our latest tech and how science is the gateway to retaining your beautiful hair.

Get to know the CapillusOne

The CapillusOne™ is our newest laser therapy base model. Now, you can get 112 medical-grade laser diodes and 560 mW of laser energy compared with our previous 82-diode CapillusUltra™. This means you get 30 more laser diodes than our previous base model.

Meet Laura Dale

Laura Dale is a Global Educator, Product Marketer, Sales Leader, and Beauty Expert. She drives revenue for beauty brands by developing product marketing, strong sales and education teams, consistent brand messaging and comprehensive training programs. Dale’s experience in the cosmetics industry includes retail sales, salon distribution, ecommerce, direct marketing, product development, product marketing, brand strategy, education design, and training and development.

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