Which Oil Is Best For Hair Growth And Thickness

Healthy hair doesn’t happen in a day. The factors that go into hair growth include genetics, diet and physiological health. However, there are some options we can utilize to either promote growth or maintain the hair you have.

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One of These Options is Essential Oils

Essential oils are chemicals you rub into your skin to induce a desired effect. Essential oils are made up of two components: the chemical mixture extracted from plants and a second called the carrier oil. The carrier oil is used to dilute and transfer the extracted plant oils into your skin, because otherwise those plant oils would cause skin irritations. The desired effect that your skin feels is dependent on the plant used. For example, peppermint essential oil can increase blood circulation, whereas lavender essential oil can help reduce stress and pain. For this blog, we shall go over how these essential oils, and others can help with promoting hair growth and overall hair health. 

How Do Oils Promote Hair Growth?

Essential oils can encourage healthier hair by focusing on either the scalp or the strands of hair themselves. The trick is knowing which oil does what. We also need to understand that these oils won’t make your grow hair faster. Instead, these oils strengthen, soothe or repair your scalp which in turn allows for new hair to grow. The only exception to this rule would be if Minoxidil is one of the ingredients in the essential oil. Minoxidil is proven to promote hair growth, so if the essential oil omits this ingredient, the oil will not grow hair itself. This doesn’t mean that essential oils are completely useless. They have shown to be beneficial when used to alleviate stress and kill bacteria that may be causing skin blemishes.

A woman applying essential oils to her curly hair

Tips On Finding The Right Oil for Your Hair

When searching for essential oils for your hair, here are some tips to help you find the right product. We mentioned earlier where essential oils that contain Minoxidil are proven to help grow new hair. Here are some more tips to help you search for the right essential oils. 

  • It’s All In The Name
  • Many essential oils have both the common name for the plant, as well as it’s Latin name. We recommend searching online for the common name and Latin name to ensure that the contents in the bottle are legitimate. 
  • Essential Versus Essence
  • A common mistake is confusing essential oils with perfume oils that when burned emit an aroma. There may health related benefits to burning this kind of aromatic oil, however they are not essential oils. Make sure before you purchase any essential oil, ensure that it is exactly what you want. 
  • Follow The Instructions
  • Many essential oils, especially the topical ones, can be harmful if not diluted with a carrier oil. Some carrier oils include olive and vegetable oil. Some essential oils can even be dangerous if ingested. Make sure to read all of the instructions on the packaging, as they provide the best ways to use the essential oil.

Now that we’ve got an understanding on what to look for, let’s see all the different kinds of essential oils and how they can effect the hair.

Tea Tree Oil

Equipped with antibacterial properties, this oil is mainly used to maintain scalp health. Especially if dandruff is an issue, the properties of tea tree oil can help tremendously.

Rosemary Oil 

Rosemary is great for blood circulation, hair thickness and stimulating the hair follicle. Hair thickness is the biggest reason why you should go for Rosemary oil.

Peppermint Oil 

Peppermint oil can increase blood circulation when applied. This can be beneficial for hair growth as an increase in circulation means that you hair follicles will be receiving more nutrients and energy which can lead to budding hair.

Cedarwood Oil 

Although hard to find, this oil promotes hair growth through rejuvenating the scalp and can be used in conjunction with other oils on this list to create a more effective treatment.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has been shown to speed up new hair development. This is due to the nature of lavender, where exposure has shown to promote cell generation along with killing bacteria - both beneficial to the growth of new hair. 

How Can I Regrow My Hair?

We think that one of the best ways is through our hair growth hats. Capillus uses red light therapy to stimulate the cells in your scalp into producing more energy to grow hair more efficiently. Capillus is non-invasive and safe. All you need to do is put on one of our hair growth caps and for 6 minutes a day see your hair healthier and fuller.

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