National Hair Loss Introduces Laser Caps to Fight Against Hair Loss After Chemo

National Hair Loss now offers laser therapy with Capillus® to help men and women recover hair more quickly after chemotherapy.

National Hair Loss introduces a new approach to recovering hair after the devastating effects of chemotherapy. The organization now offers non-surgical laser therapy through Capillus®, a leading medical device manufacturer located in Miami, Florida.

“Women have two questions when they find out they have cancer,” says company founder, Carly Klein. “The first is, ‘Am I going to live?’ The second is, 'Will I lose my hair?'”

Recognizing that hair plays a critical role in establishing hope and self-image, National Hair Loss specializes in creating personalized hair recovery programs for men and women battling various forms of alopecia and chemo-induced hair loss. Non-surgical and drug-free, Capillus® laser therapy products play a vital role in the process.

“We use the Capillus272™ Pro in a multitude of ways,” Klein explains. “One way is to help cancer patients rejuvenate their hair loss. In our experience, laser hair therapy has been able to speed hair growth up to 50% in some cases, taking half the time to get your hair back.”

That’s a big win, according to Klein. Although cancer patients typically regain their hair after chemotherapy, it can take anywhere from 8 to 15 months or more without laser therapy. Through a physician-managed treatment plan with National Hair Loss, patients can regain their hair—and their sense of self—in a fraction of the time.

In addition to hair loss after chemotherapy, National Hair Loss helps hair loss sufferers treat a variety of other conditions. “We also use laser to help people who have just normal alopecia,” Klein explains. “We have seen great results with psoriasis patients as well.”

“98% of our patients completely stop their hair loss,” says Klein. “We have a very comprehensive follow-up program for our patients to ensure they stop their loss. That is what makes our agenda so effective. As we see changes with the patients, we re-direct them to what is the next best step in treatment, which can involve laser therapy caps or a variety of clinical-strength hair care products. We custom-fit all programs to the patient and their hair loss. Patients are extremely happy with the results and the partnership that we provide at National Hair Loss.”

To learn more about laser caps and hair growth after chemotherapy, visit or call 877-551-5350. Readers are invited to connect with National Hair Loss on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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