Capillus® Laser Cap Now Available at McGrath Medical Offices Across Texas

Dr. Daniel McGrath, certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration, says Capillus272 Pro™ results have exceeded expectations.

McGrath Medical invites patients across Texas to learn more about laser therapy with the Capillus272 Pro™, a nonsurgical treatment for hair loss in adults. Unlike alternative nonsurgical treatments, the Capillus272 Pro™ makes handling hair loss stress-free and discreet.

The Capillus272 Pro™ is a safe and effective product approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In independent clinical trials, Capillus® caps increased hair count by an average of 51 percent compared to a placebo device in active participants.

"The Capillus272 Pro™ has provided me with a tremendous tool to help my patients improve their hair,” said Dr. Daniel McGrath. “The Capillus® results I see here at McGrath Medical have already exceeded my expectations.”

Laser therapy is designed to focus and revitalize inactive hair follicles to prevent the progression of hair loss. With low-level laser therapy (LLLT), patients benefit from a more convenient and straightforward approach to fighting thinning or shedding locks.

Each Capillus272 Pro™ cap features a dome insert outfitted with 272 laser diodes inside of a stylish baseball cap. The straightforward and battery-operated inserts can be placed under any preferred hat or structured hair covering for inconspicuous, on-the-go usage. Patients can use Capillus® at the office, on vacation or running errands, eliminating the need to sit in a doctor’s office recurrently.

LLLT with Capillus® helps increase circulation through phototherapy, which strengthens cellular activity on the scalp. The Capillus272 Pro™ draws nutrients and oxygen to hair loss afflicted areas, helping build the best environment for growth. When used as directed, LLLT with Capillus® enhances follicles for sustained, long-term hair health.

The Capillus272 Pro™ can be used as a standalone treatment or in concurrence with hair transplant surgery. Women with diffuse hair loss who are not candidates for transplant surgery may benefit particularly from low-level laser therapy. Capillus® can also be implemented alongside topical foams and prescription therapies, depending on personalized strategies.

“With state of the art hair restoration surgery and state of the art preventative treatment, the result is a satisfied patient with thicker, fuller hair,” he stated. “Satisfied patients are what is most important to me."

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