Hair Care Kit - For Women

Hair Care Kit - For Women

Help Counteract Hair Loss in Women

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Hair Care Kit - For Women

Hair Care Kit - For Women

Help Counteract Hair Loss in Women

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The Hair Care Kit for women are made with 100% natural active ingredients including milk protein, amino acids and vitamin B6. Designed to counteract hair loss by stimulating the dermal papilla cells, providing new vitality to your hair and revitalizing the scalp.

CLEANSE shampoo and conditioner work in synergy with the PROTECT hair shampoo and ENRICH serum to provide extra density and shine to fine hair.

  • 100% Natural Active Ingredients
  • Sulfate & Parabens Free
  • Get Results in 3 - 6 Months
  • Helps counteract hair loss
Promotes hair fullness, thickness, and overall scalp health.
  • This sets includes
  • Cleanse Shampoo (Scalp care) | 250ml.
  • Protect Shampoo (Hair Care) | 250ml.
  • Hydrate Conditioner (Repair) | 250ml.
  • Enrich Serum (Hair Growth) | 90ml.
  • Benefits of Use
  • Help prevent and control hair loss in women.
  • Help prevent hair thinning.
  • Help prevent and limit postpartum hair loss.
  • Help stimulate hair growth.
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Benefits Of Use

  • Counteract hair loss in women.
  • Help Prevent and slow down the process of women pattern baldness.
  • Help Prevent loss of hair density.
  • Help stimulate hair growth.
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Help Stimulate Regrowth

Hair loss in women is more frequent than ever before. Hormonal changes, diet, stress, chemical processes and general health, can all affect the condition of hair and scalp.

How To Use



Capillus CLEANSE removes built-up calcium and oils to set the stage for exceptional hair growth. Made with 100% natural active ingredients and free from sulfate, paraben, mineral oils and silicone.


Capillus PROTECT washes away grim and protects your hair from damage with an 100% all- natural formula that’s good for your hair - and even better for helping hair growth.


Let your hair shine with the Capillus HYDRATE - designed to treat and hydrate hair cuticles. Made with natural ingredients, HYDRATE makes it easy to achieve glimmering hair - without any of the harsh chemicals.


Capillus ENRICH stimulates your hair follicles and reduces thinning hair. This no-rinse formula ensures optimal hair growth - giving you back control of your alopecia.

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