4 Cold Weather Hair Care Tips to Consider this Winter

If you suffer from dry, brittle, or frizzy hair when the temperatures drop, cold weather hair tips can help. While hot and humid air presents its own set of problems, colder temperatures can create additional issues for your hair. Static is one of the biggest annoyances that is ever-present in the wintertime, especially when hats, scarves, jackets, and fuzzy sweaters are involved. Therefore, it’s smart to take preemptive hair care steps to keep hair shiny and healthy – despite the chilly air.

Consider the following tips for dealing with the various winter elements:

Create a Barrier Hat hair is a real drag, especially if you’ve taken time to style your hair before work or holiday party. At the same time, hats are necessary for keeping the heat from escaping the top of your head and causing your body temperature to drop too low. Try wearing a silk scarf underneath your favorite wool beanie to minimize the static that creates an unruly mane. Similar to sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you’ll curtail the damage that occurs when delicate strands rub against rough materials. The scarf essentially creates a barrier so your hair isn’t subject to unnecessary roughness. If you suffer from thinning or shedding, you can wear your Capillus® laser cap for hair loss insert underneath your favorite winter beanie. Not only does the interior dome protect your hair from rough wool materials, the laser diodes target inactive follicles to stimulate growth.

Use a Conditioning Treatment Similar to the way skin reacts to the cold weather elements, your hair feels significantly dryer and more brittle in the wintertime. In order to replenish lost moisture from dipping temperatures and dry indoor air, use a deep conditioning treatment at least once per week. When you aren't using a deep conditioning treatment, follow up your shampoo with a regular sulfate-free conditioner to minimize tangling and frizz. Individuals with natural or curly hair should consider hair oils that smooth strands after styling. Oil helps keep strands in place while creating a moisture barrier for a shinier appearance. However, avoid the roots as excess oils may cause a greasy feeling.

Wash Sparingly Washing every day is frequently not a good idea, no matter the season. While shampoo rids your hair of buildup, excess washing removes too much of the oils needed to maintain shiny and strong hair. In the winter, washing less is especially important since your hair is already depleted of hydration. Because you’re less likely to sweat during everyday activities, shampooing once or twice a week should suffice. Lather slightly and rinse gently for the healthiest wash. If you can stand it, rinse with cool or lukewarm water at the end of your shower for an easy anti-frizz routine. Make sure to allow ample time for air drying, or use a blow dryer, before venturing outside. Wet or damp hair is especially susceptible to damage and breakage in cold weather.

Use a Humidifier Indoor heating is a necessary if you live in a cold weather climate, but that dry air can take the moisture right out of your hair and skin. Purchase a humidifier for your home in order to keep indoor air from weakening delicate strands. If possible, keep a small desktop humidifier at the office to avoid an itchy scalp. These small investments can leave you feeling much healthier despite the season. For more on seasonal hair care tips and maintaining hair health, stay up-to-date on the Capillus® blog or follow us on Twitter. If you're interested in protecting your scalp while benefitting from low-level laser therapy for hair loss, reach out to us for answers about Capillus82™, Capillus202™ or Capillus272 Pro™.

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