Capillus Physician Spotlight: Dr. Tom Rosanelli

With 30 years of experience in hair loss and restoration under his belt, Dr. Tom Rosanelli is truly a leader in the field. Dr. Rosanelli is regarded as a thoughtful, diligent and skilled practitioner who seeks to provide the best results possible for his patients’ well-being. Understanding the importance of patient satisfaction and results, Dr. Rosanelli offers the Capillus272 Pro™ to his clients as part of a comprehensive hair loss treatment plan. Dr. Rosanelli graduated with a medical degree in 1979 from the Georgetown University of Medicine and entered the field of cosmetic surgery shortly thereafter. Since 1986, he has limited his practice to hair restoration surgery, giving him the time and attention to focus solely on the most modern treatments and regrowth methods sweeping the industry. As a member of the American Medical Association and past president of the American Society of Hair Restoration, as well as a founder of the International Society of Hair Restoration, Dr. Rosanelli is well-versed in every facet of hair restoration. He has attended every key meeting on hair replacement surgery in the United States since 1986, along with numerous conferences worldwide. Dr. Rosanelli offers virtual consultations via Skype or Facetime where patients meet and discuss personalized plans to create a stress-free routine for his many patients. Whether in-person or online, consultations with Rosanelli Medical Associates are free of charge. Because he is highly versed in hair restoration, Dr. Rosanelli handles all aspects of treatment for his clients, from planning to implementation. He maintains full control of the consultation, medical exam and execution – whether the best route is surgery, low-level laser therapy, or a combination of the two. Schedule with Dr. Rosanelli Rosanelli Medical Associates runs four offices across the West Coast and Hawaii, including its main office in San Francisco. To schedule a virtual or in-person consultation at any of Dr. Rosanelli’s locations, call at 800-743-4247 or visit the RMA website.

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