6 Good Habits To Practice During Your 6 Minutes With Capillus

Time passes by, indiscriminate of our wishes, and when you need it the most, it seems to be pouring out at the fastest pace. When you want time to dash, it seems to pass so slowly, it feels like FOREVER!

Capillus caps help you restore the health of your follicles using a 6-minute self-timer. While you are promoting your hair growth, we want to explore other simple habits that can increase your joy while improving how you feel and think! That's why we want to talk about 6 minutes and how to make your Capillus daily treatment the most priceless moment of your day.

Practice hobbies at the same time to increase your outlook, wellness, and overall health.

It only takes consistency to cultivate or eliminate a habit, whether good or bad. Many follow the widespread belief that it takes 21 days to truly develop a routine to successfully incorporate this into your new lifestyle. Whether this is true or not, a universally agreed upon factor is the DAILY aspect of this principle.

While your hair growth is being addressed in our Capillus daily treatment, you can cultivate the below.


IIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNHHHALLLE, now exxxxhhhaalleee. Think about how many times you pause in your day to breathe? According to Jay Shetty in his Podcast, On Purpose, it's the moments when you don't think you have time, that you need to pause the most. His recommendation is: inhale for four counts, exhale for eight. Whether you apply this in your meditation or just sit down to breathe. There is a physiological phenomenon that takes place, and your heart rate slows down. You can focus more and separate yourself from the emotional response of the issue at hand. Got a cap on? Need to pass the time? BREATHE. It will only do you good.


The VALUE that stretching can add to your life is priceless. From back pain to muscle spasms, regular stretching practice can not only become an active breathing meditation, but it can also reduce your risk of injury and chronic pain long term. Think about warming up your muscles for the day; if you need to stretch for a run or a workout, what makes you think your body doesn't need a good stretch before an 8-hour workday? Whether sitting or standing, it pays off in the long run, especially when talking about chronic pain and repeated lousy posture.


We have ALL the information we could ever need about gut health; it's only a matter of dedicating time in your day to address what ails you. Having a happy gut has been linked to massive strides in overall wellness and energy production. Don't know where to start? Use your six minutes to LEARN from top nutritionists on their social media. Many are now using social to share and teach everyday Joes on what works best. What should people be drinking in the morning? What is a good coffee alternative? Are green superfoods suitable for you? Find what works for people with similar lifestyles!


Take your treatment with some pen and paper. Explore your mind and your subconscious by getting it all down in a journal. The thoughts lurking underneath the surface of your conscious thoughts will surprise you, especially if you add writing to the daily muscles you would like to flex. This will not only improve your communication with the world, but you will also get an opportunity to listen to your inner voice's concerns. The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron is a book that can guide you through what she calls the "morning pages."


Having a Lil pup in your life makes taking walks easier because it's for the health of the furry animal you love so much. Why, then, is it so hard for humans to take minutes out of their day to do the same? Even a six-minute walk can do wonders for your daily stress levels.


Whether you are a Marie Kondo enthusiast or a perfect slob, there is always clutter. Whether it's the clothes from the day before on the floor or dishes you didn't get around to, decluttering your physical space is a physical representation of decluttering your mind. The difficulty here is applying this "tidy up" mindset to your daily chores. Take these six minutes as your clean-up challenge and see how much you can organize.

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