Do Laser Combs Work?

Laser combs are often marketed to consumers as one of the easiest and most convenient ways to regrow hair. The technology is sometimes met with skepticism, with some consumers raising questions about the effectiveness of laser combs and other low level laser therapy(LLLT) devices. Despite this skepticism, hair loss professionals from around the world recommend LLLT treatments to patients who suffer with many forms of hair loss, including androgenic alopecia. So, do laser combs really work? In this article, we explore scientific studies that support LLLT as a viable option for men and women who suffer with hair loss, as well as review the top laser devices on the market.

How Do Laser Combs Work?

These hair loss devices resemble a comb, but they have rows of special diodes that emit low level laser light. The total number of diodes that are positioned along the comb varies by brand and model. The LaserComb by HairMax™, for example, has just 1 elongated diode that is separated into 8 beams (i). To combat hair loss, patients are advised to run the comb through their hair for about 8-15 minutes each day, at least 3 days per week (ii) Learn More. Visit our article on reversing hair loss with cold lasersto learn more.

Do Laser Combs Really Regrow Hair?

Laser combs are medical devices designs to regrow hair through the use of special class III medical lasers. This category of laser light, also referred to as low level laserlight, is used to treat several different conditions ranging from arthritis to muscle ache and more. Several studies indicate that LLLT devices do regrow hair in men and women who suffer with androgenic alopecia. In one such study, subjects experienced new hair growth after using a laser comb 3 times each week for 26 weeks (iii).

Is a Laser Cap a Better Option?

Of course, not everyone prefers to stand and comb their hair for 8-15 minutes or more, several times each week. Those looking for a more portable and practical method of laser hair restoration find themselves better suited with “laser cap” devices. Like laser combs, these hair loss treatment products feature an array of diodes that emit low level laser light designed to regrow hair. Unlike laser combs, the diodes in these products are arranged along a dome-shaped insert that fits beneath an ordinary hat or baseball cap.

Introducing the Capillus272™ Home Use Laser Cap

Like other laser cap products, the Capillus272™ fits discreetly under your favorite hat or baseball cap to provide hair loss treatment, on your terms. Patients and physicians choose the Capillus272™ over other laser comb and cap devices for many reasons, including: More Lasers. With 272 low level laser diodes, the Capillus272™ is capable of delivering more laser energy than any other device on the market. Cordless and Portable. Unlike combs and cap devices that require a power outlet, the Capillus272 Pro is lightweight and battery powered. Patients are free to use the product at home, at the office, or while driving, without disrupting their normal daily routine. Comprehensive and Effective.While combs treat only 1 small section of the scalp at a time, the Capillus272 Pro covers the entire scalp while worn. This ensures even and comprehensive low level laser exposure for the patient’s entire head of hair.

Learn More About LLLT Devices

At Capillus, we’re all about hair. To learn more about LLLT devices, including the Capillus272 Pro, please call 1-888-272-9599. To begin treatment right away, visit this page to find a Capillus physician near you. Capillus272™ Receives FDA Clearance. We are pleased to announce that the Capillus272 Pro has received clearance from the FDA for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in both men and women! For more information, download this news release. Sources (i) (ii) (iii)

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