Dr. Marina Pizarro

As the first female hair transplant surgeon in history, Dr. Marina Pizarro has an overwhelmingly impressive career with over 30,000 procedures under her belt. After graduating from the Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico and completing her residency in Orlando, Dr. Pizarro teamed up with prominent surgeon Constantine Chambers to build a complex and renowned practice. Dr. Pizarro eventually opened a private practice in 1994, with locations in both Jacksonville and Orlando. She specializes in hair restoration for both men and women, maintaining a keen eye for detail and an artistic panache to allow for natural results. Dr. Pizarro currently holds licenses to practice medicine in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan and Puerto Rico. Not one to sacrifice quality for time, Dr. Pizarro personally handles the harvesting of donor hair and preparation of graft areas. Unique of many hair restoration practices, she involves herself in the process of separating and placement of micro and mini grafts.

Although she heavily emphasizes the importance of established procedural methods demonstrated at providing optimal results, Dr. Pizarro is no stranger to adopting new technologies that enhance patient comfort and satisfaction. As a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and the European Society of Hair Restoration surgery, Dr. Pizarro is well-versed in the latest industry techniques and methods shown to improve the hair restoration process. Dr. Pizarro recognizes the Capillus272 Pro™ as the premier method of low-level laser therapy treatment. The Capillus® nonsurgical device includes 272 laser diodes designed to revive and stimulate lackluster hair follicles. For just 6 minutes every day, patients can expect fuller volume in a convenient, safe and FDA-cleared manner. Dr. Pizarro says Capillus272 Pro™ is simple yet effective, and conveniently utilized through various daily errands and tasks.

Schedule with Dr. Pizarro To schedule a consultation with Dr. Pizarro to discuss hair loss options, including the Capillus272 Pro™, call Pizarro Hair Restoration at 888-424-7631.

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