August: National Hair Loss Awareness Month

August marks the month for National Hair Loss Awareness. Now, more than ever, is the time to review some staggering statistics from the American Hair Loss Association:

  • Androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, is the culprit behind 95 percent of men’s hair loss cases.
  • By the age of 32, two-thirds of men will experience some degree of loss.
  • By the age of 50, 85 percent of men experience hair loss.
  • Twenty-five percent of men who suffer from male pattern baldness exhibit symptoms before the age of 21.
  • Women make up 40 percent of hair loss cases.
  • Women’s hair loss is more difficult to treat with prescriptions and surgeries.

These statistics paint a dismal picture, but are important to share for individuals who erroneously believe they are suffering alone. What’s more, many hair loss sufferers who come to terms with their condition and actively seek treatment can prevent further loss and even spark regrowth.

Hair Loss and Hair Restoration

Not everyone is a candidate for each hair loss treatment. For instance, women’s hair loss occurs in a dispersed pattern that makes transplant surgeries difficult. And, prescription medications like Propecia are only FDA-approved for male pattern baldness. Low-level laser therapy, on the other hand, works for both men and women and has no known side effects. Men can use laser caps as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with hair restoration surgery. Women can implement LLLT to stop excess shedding, while effectively re-energizing hair follicles to spark new and natural hair growth. Capillus LLLT laser caps are a go-to choice for men and women looking for LLLT without impacting their everyday lifestyles. Unlike laser combs or in-office LLLT domes, the Capillus line of laser caps allow individuals to combat hair loss discreetly and effectively. Since they are hands free and battery-operated, Capillus laser caps can be worn outside of the home – while running errands, working, driving or visiting friends. Fighting hair loss isn’t something you should have to go at alone, and certainly not without fully understanding all of your options. For more information on purchasing a Capillus LLLT device, please contact our office at 844-280-4680.

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